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Daily Horoscope, 03 December 2022: Today's Horoscope Predictions For All Zodiac Signs

Read about your daily horoscope and learn about the challenges and opportunities ahead. Here you will get all the information about love, life, work, education and lots more. Knowing about your lucky colour, number and day will help you handle your challenges and take charge of your life. Let's see what's in store for you.


Aries: 21 March - 19 April

There may be health-related problems, and due to ill health, there will be obstacles in your day-to-day plans. It will be better if you take full care of your health. Work pressure can increase in the office. In such a situation, you may have to face many problems. Avoid putting excessive work pressure on yourself. Also, try to complete all your work according to the plan. Today is giving a very good sign for you in terms of money. Your income may increase. Your personal life will be happy. Will get guidance from elders. Your spouse can do something special for you. Love and belonging will increase in your relationship.

Lucky Colour: Gray
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Time: 8:00 am to 10:15 am


Taurus: 20 April - 20 May

Today is going to be a very lucky day for the students. Especially if you have given any competitive exam recently, you can achieve great success. On the other hand, if you have completed your studies and are looking for a job, then you can get a good offer. All this is the result of your hard work. Small businessmen can get results as expected. If you are planning to increase your stock then time is appropriate. Your financial condition will be better than normal. Today you will be able to save more. As far as your health is concerned, you may have problems like constipation, acidity, indigestion, etc. Avoid eating outside food.

Lucky Colour: Pink
Lucky Number: 14
Lucky Time: 2:20 pm to 4:30 pm


Gemini: 21 May - 20 June

There will be prosperity in your personal life. Good news can be received from a family member today. You will have a lot of fun with your loved ones. If for some reason you have had an argument with your spouse, then today everything can be normal between you. Although you need to take more care of your behaviour. The day is going to be expensive in terms of money. There can be unnecessary expenses. To keep the economic side strong, curb unnecessary expenses. You can get success in work-related endeavours. Be it a job or business, today is going to be very important for you. The day will be average in terms of health.

Lucky Colour: White
Lucky Number: 34
Lucky Time: 11:50 am to 2:25 pm


Cancer: 21 June - 22 July

Today can bring great relief for businessmen. Especially if any of your work has been stuck for a long time, then you can get great relief from its completion today. Working professionals may have to face an adverse situations in the office. You may lose some important files. Your financial condition will improve. Today you can get money. However, make the right use of your hard-earned money. There will be harmony in the relationship with your spouse. With the understanding of your beloved, today some of your big problems can be solved. The day will be fine in terms of health.

Lucky Colour: Red
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Time: 2:30 pm to 6:40 pm


Leo: 23 July - 22 August

You are advised to be more alert in the matter of health. Especially if you have problems related to your kidney or heart, then you should not be negligent even a little. Talking about work, you are advised to use your words very thoughtfully while talking to your seniors in the office. Your bitter tongue can land you in big trouble today. Businessmen will get mixed profits. You are advised to work harder to make big profits. Apart from this, you should also take your decisions wisely. Conditions will be normal in your personal life. Due to being busy with work, today you will not be able to give enough time to your loved ones.

Lucky Colour: Maroon
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Time: 7:00 am to 10:00 am


Virgo: 23 August - 22 September

You will get success in the work done with intelligence. Today your confidence can also increase. If you do a job then there are chances of your progress. You can get a higher position, as well as new rights. Businessmen may have to work very hard. You may not get the expected results today, but you should not be disappointed. Stay positive, soon things will start turning in your favour. Conditions are looking unfavourable in your personal life. You may have differences with some family members. You are advised to control yourself. Financial condition will be good. If we talk about your health, then your health is important along with work.

Lucky Colour: Light Red
Lucky Number: 15
Lucky Time: 7:20 am to 3:00 pm


Libra: 23 September - 22 October

Talking about work, the difficulties of working professionals seem to be increasing. Their bosses can take strict steps against them. All this is the result of your carelessness. Today you are advised to be very careful. Businessmen may get some opportunity, but don't be in a hurry. Take your decision only after thinking well. Especially if you want to invest, then you need to take such decisions carefully. Conditions will be pleasant in your personal life. Will get the support of your family members. Today, you are likely to receive a gift from someone close to you. There will be a boom in the economic situation. You will suddenly receive a lot of wealth. There is a possibility of improvement in health.

Lucky Colour: White
Lucky Number: 16
Lucky Time: 7:20 am to 12:25 pm


Scorpio: 23 October - 21 November

If you are a businessman and planning to take a loan etc. from the bank to further your business, then today you can get some good news. Soon your plan will move forward. Working professionals can get great respect in the office. Their position and reputation in the office will increase. Financial condition will be good. However, do not spend any big amount without thinking. To get rid of debt soon, you have to take your financial decisions carefully. Today will be something special with your spouse. There will be less sourness between you. You may also discuss future plans. As far as your health is concerned, you are advised to avoid excessively fried, roasted or spicy food.

Lucky Colour: Cream
Lucky Number: 12
Lucky Time: 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


Sagittarius: 22 November - 21 December

Today you are advised to stay for a long time. There may be an incident which is not in your interest. This is the time of change on the work front. Be it job or business, you will get good results. Differences with your spouse can be deep. The wrong attitude of your beloved can hurt your feelings. You can try to reduce the bitterness between you by talking. Your financial condition will be fine. If you want to buy some valuable items, then soon your wish can be fulfilled. On the work front, today is expected to be a mixed day. If we talk about your health, then do not be negligent even if there is a small problem.

Lucky Colour: Violet
Lucky Number: 2
Lucky Time: 11:30 am to 3:00 pm


Capricorn: 22 December - 19 January

Today is giving a very good indication for you on the work front. If you do a job, then any of your stalled work can be completed. Today your boss will also be very impressed with your performance. Soon you can get good benefits from it. Businessmen will get a chance to invest. It is possible that in future you will see a big jump in your financial condition. Today you will spend a very romantic time with your spouse. You may get an opportunity to travel a short distance with your beloved. The day is going to be expensive in terms of money. A lot of money can be spent on children's education or home repair etc. If you have arthritis problem then your problem may increase.

Lucky Colour: Dark Blue
Lucky Number: 11
Lucky Time: 2:00 pm to 5:20 pm


Aquarius: 20 January - 18 February

You can get success in financial matters. Your efforts will be successful and soon all your problems may come to an end. Talking about work, today is going to be very busy for you. If you do a job then you may have to travel. On the other hand, some old court case can bother the businessmen. Today you may have to run a lot, as well as your expenses may also increase. Your concern about the health of your spouse will be deep. Negligence can prove costly at this time. As far as your health is concerned, your stress may increase and you may feel very burdened.

Lucky Colour: Yellow
Lucky Number: 10
Lucky Time: 7:00 am to 12:20 pm


Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

Your child will bring happy news. Today you can get some good news from their side. Today you will feel very proud of your child. The day is going to be lucky in terms of money. Good money can be achieved with less effort. The ambience of the office will be very positive. You will feel a different joy while working today. You can get the company of your boss. Today you will also be successful in completing pending tasks. Businessmen can take some important business decisions. It is possible that you will get good results in future. As far as your health is concerned, today you will get enough time for yourself and you will be able to concentrate on rest.

Lucky Colour: Peach
Lucky Number: 28
Lucky Time: 12:00 noon to 4:30 pm

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Story first published: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 5:35 [IST]
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