Crushing The Questions

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Sufi Story, Silence
Silence prevails when one is done away with questions.

A short Sufi story reveals the truth.

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, was preaching in a small monastery, in a desert. He was answering his disciple's questions, sitting in the courtyard. A few passersby found the whole scenario to be ridiculous.
They went their ways, without asking anything.

After a year, the same travellers passed by the same monastery, only to find Rumi sitting in silence without his disciples.

Getting intrigued, they asked him, “ What happened to your disciples?"

Rumi replied, “They are done with their questions. I crushed their questions and they do not have any more to ask!"

He continued, “They have settled in silence!"

Osho says that once when a person settles in silence, there is not even the slightest ripple of thoughts which trigger queries. The state of true silence is synonymous with unbroken peace!

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