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The Sufi Way Of Hearing The Truth-A Short Story
Osho says that a matured mind sees the truth in an instant.One night a Sufi master, who was standing near the window, summoned one of his disciples near him.When all the other disciples watched in surprise, the master said something and ...
The Sufi Way

Being Yourself Osho 200111 Aid
Being Yourself Always-Osho
Osho explains on 'being yourself' at all times through an annecdote from his own life.Osho, while at school as a small boy, happened to see a wresteling competition, conducted district wise. He refelcts on that match in order to educate his ...
Trusting God-Osho
How should one trust God? A short story by Osho reveals the truth, like all other Osho stories normally do.A man who was newly married was on his way back home with his bride in a boat, traversing a river. Suddenly ...
Trusting God
The Heart Short Story Osho
The Heart Decides-A Short Story By Osho
The heart differs from the mind. The mind is superficial, the circumference, while the heart is the centre, the core. Intellect does not find a place in the heart. Certain things spontaneously arise from the heart, where the mind cannot fathom ...
Osho Story On Zen Master Rinzai
A beautiful story narrated by Osho about Zen Master Rinzai.Rinzai lived withhis master for almost twenty years. One day Rinzai went and occupied his master's seat. The master who walked into the room, seeing Rinzai on his sit, quietly occupied Rinzai;s ...
Osho Stories Zen Master Rinzai
Osho Story Remembering God
Osho Story-Remembering God
Remembering God, a beautiful Tibetan story, narrated by Osho, helps one gain insight into the truth, that we call God.A Tibetan mystic called Naropa was flocked by many, who however were puzzled about him. They were aware of the fact that ...
Osho Story-To Attain The Absolute
To attain the absolute is to attain all. A Sufi story as narrated by Osho, conveys the truth.Once a Sufi mystic, who was stark naked, made his way to the police station, with a train of people following him.The Sufi mystic ...
Osho Story To Attain The Absolute
Osho On False Buddahood
Osho On False Buddhahood
Osho alerts one on false Buddhahood. As it is the way of Osho to instruct through illustration, a short story by the Master conveys the truth. Two old men meet at a corner. The first asks, “Where have you been ...
Osho Sufi Story-Mulla Nasruddin
Osho narrates a Sufi story on Mulla Nasruddin. Mulla Nasruddin was being interviewed for a job on a ship. He was questioned by the captain and other high officials. The captain asked, “What do you in face of a storm, when ...
Osho Sufi Story Mulla Nasruddin
Prejudiced Mind Mullah Nasruddin Osho Story
Prejudiced Mind-Mulla Nasruddin-Osho Story
A prejudiced mind remains shut to the truth. A short story by Osho about Mulla Nasruddin conveys the truth.Mulla Nasruddin was listening to the first case when he was once chosen as a honorary magistrate. As soon as he listened ...
St.Francis Of Assisi's Death-Osho Story
Spontaneity is characteristic of an enlightened man. He lives in the moment, without succumbing to the claims of consistency, which, states his authenticity says Osho. A short story on St Francis of Assisi reveals the truth.Saint Francis of Assisi was singing ...
St Francis Of Assisi Death Osho Story
What Do You Possess Osho Story
What Do You Possess?
What do you possess? A short Hassidic story by Osho conveys the truth. There was once a small city with small houses and just three fools living in it. However it was believed by the citizens that it was a ...
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