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Priya Devi R

Simple Meditation Techniques To Stumble Upon Peace
Peace is a sense of fulfillment experienced. It is the most desired thing voluntarily or involuntarily. It is said 'involuntarily' simply because, we are not aware of us seeking peace behind all achievement. In all our desires we, thus seek peace ...
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The Message Of Shivratri
Shivratri, the great day of Lord Shiva and a big day for His followers, ushers in a mood of prayer, fasting and vigil. It is one of the major Hindu festivals, where people across the country observe t...
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Why Learn To Meditate Early?
To know as to why one should meditate, the actual purpose of meditation has to be understood. Meditation is the state of being in peace, an inexplicable calm that spreads over one's being. Meditation ...
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Candle Mas Day-History And Celebration
Candlemas Day holds a significant place in the feasts celebrated in Christianity. It is celebrated on February 2nd very year and is one of the Twelve Great Feasts observed in Christianity. Candlemas D...
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All Good Things, Their True Worth-Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda always condemened weakness in any form. A short story narrated by the Swami on the true worth of things-which we normally think as 'all good things 'conveys the truth. An astrologer ...
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Being Yourself Always-Osho
Osho explains on 'being yourself' at all times through an annecdote from his own life.Osho, while at school as a small boy, happened to see a wresteling competition, conducted district wise. He refelc...
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