How To Tackle Tension Headaches?

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Tension Headache
Stress, tension and depression has become a part of career. Life seems extremely boring and demotivating if the mental health is getting strained day by day. With tension, headaches, body pain, gastric problems, weight gain or loss commonly occur. Today, we will discuss on how to tackle tension headache and lead life peacefully. Take a look.

When Do Tension Headache Occur?

Tension Headaches are also called as stress headaches and occur when there is severity in tension (mind is under tremendous pressure). The headache may prolonged and affect forehead, temples and eyes.

Unfortunately, women suffer tension headaches more commonly than men. They are chronic and can continue from hours to days to even weeks.


There may be many reasons to why people suffer from these headaches. One common reason is that it can hereditary (inherited from generations).

A depressed mind can also cause this type pain in the head.

Hunger and tiredness can also be the reasons for such a pain.

Polluted air also has an impact on brain. It triggers stress and makes one feel dizzy.

Internal stress such family problems, money issues, work pressure are most common reasons for such a health problem.

Treating This Tension Related Pain In The Head

1. Natural antidepressants – Chocolates, caffiene, green tea can relax the depressed mind and calm it down.

2. Hot oil massage and soothing massage can relax mind and bring relief.

3. Meditation and relaxation exercises will also help.

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