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What To Avoid During A Headache?
Headache is one of the most common health problems we all face in our every day lives. From a simple headache to migraine, it can differ from person to person. However, when you feel like someone is banging on your head ...
What To Avoid During Headache
Get Rid Headaches Naturally Easily
Get Rid Of Headaches Naturally N Easily
For those of you are suffering from a constant headache can use these simple tips to combat your pain. Headaches are of different types. Today, we have sinus headaches, migraines, cold headaches and the works. The easy way out to relieve ...
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Reduce Post Gym Headache Naturally
Reduce Post Gym Headache Naturally
When we workout, we do not just suffer from muscle sprain or body pain. There are some other health problems that we might face while we workout. For instance, you can hardly imagine getting a headache after workout! Most of the ...
Unknown Migraine Triggers
Migraines are severe, recurring headaches. The literal meaning of the word migraine is "pain on one side of the head", which originated from Greece. Some people frequently experience migraine headaches. But it is not necessary that these migraine triggers will be ...
Unknown Migraine Triggers
Weird Home Remedies
Weird Home Remedies That Are Effective
Home remedies are natural and effective too. Instead of wasting money on expensive medications and treatments, you can always opt for the safe home remedies. They do not have side effects and are helpful too. Many of the home remedies are ...
10 Migraine Triggers To Avoid Headaches
Do you suffer from frequent headaches? Then you might be suffering from migraine. There are different types of headaches that people suffer from. Migraine is a headache that happens on one side of the head and has definite triggers. Certain foods, ...
Migraine Triggers Avoid Headaches
Yoga Poses Relieve Headaches
Yoga Poses To Relieve Headaches
Headache is one the most common health problems that we suffer from. Busy lifestyle, stress, work pressure and several other things form a cocktail and lead to headache. Since we suffer so often from headaches, we have actually started treating it ...
Natural Ways To Reduce Headache At Work
Work can be really stressful at times. Lots of work pressure and stress can lead to headache, increased blood pressure levels etc. Office headache is very common among working professionals. It can be due to various reasons like stress, improper sleep, ...
Natural Ways Reduce Headache Work
Foods Cure Migraine Headache
9 Foods To Cure Migraine Headache
Migraine is one of the most common health problems. Many people suffer from migraine headaches once in a week or two. Whenever you get a headache, you just pop in some migraine pills to cure it. The headache can also ...
Whole Grains For Magnesium
Sometimes, your PMS headaches get more severe due to a mineral deficiency, especially a deficiency of magnesium. Having fibrous whole grains will not only give you lots of dietary fibres but reduce headaches during your periods. Whole grains present in bread, ...
Foods Cure Headache Part 6
Foods Cure Headache Part 5
The Root Of Ginger
Ginger is actually a wonder food that cures headaches, nausea, cough and many more minor health problems. The root of ginger has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties. So if your head is hurting due to cough and cold, tea brewed with ginger ...
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