10 Things To Do When You Feel Pukish!

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Peuk is the most disturbing feeling and to get rid of it there are a few things to follow. The sick feeling might not only spoil your mood but even your day. You can get over it if you are aware of the tips. Take a look to not only care yourself but also for your pals or relatives who going through the same problem.

10 Things To Do When You Feel Pukish

1. Avoid eating anything that is oily, difficult to digest and unhealthy (street goods, junk etc).

2. Drink lot of fluids like citrus juice, coconut water and buttermilk that can cleanse and clean up your digestive system and make you feel better.

3. If you feel pukish while travelling, then it may psychological so the best thing to do to avoid is to have meals few hours prior to travel. The digestive tablets can ease your digestion process.

4. Fruits like apples, pear and berries make you feel better when nauseous.

5. You can add cardamom powder, ginger, mint and honey to lemon juice. This will clear the sensation and make you feel better. Wonderful home remedy for peuk.

6. Tea is also a good medicine for nausea. Herbal teas are highly recommended during this time.

7. Buttermilk, cumin seeds or fenugreek can rectify your stomach problems and you will feel relieved.

8. A glass of hot water can do the magic and help you to get over with vomiting feeling. You can add cumin seeds, carom seeds or dry ginger to hot water.

9. Relax by watching your favourite movie or listening to music. An idle mind can make you feel unhealthy without any reason.

10. You can also gargle with hot water, you should feel better.

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