Top 5 Vegetables That Aid Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Foods
It is not a good idea to follow monodiets as our body will be flooded with a single nutrient. Today, we have planned to discuss 5 natural weight loss foods or rather vegetables that can bring down weight quickly. Take a look.

The vegetables are top 5 natural weight loss foods as they contains more water and less fat. Eating them can satisfy hunger but will not increase the body fat. They also contain various other nutrients that improve metabolic rate and immunity.

5 Natural Weight Loss Foods – Raw Vegetable Diet

1. Bottle Gourd – This vegetable has gained importance since recent times for its low calorie properties. It contains fiber and water that curb hunger pangs. It is best to start the day with the fiber rich bottle gourd juice and can even be a wonderful snack replacement. A bowl of fruits with the juice can suffice your empty stomach.
Do not strain the bottle gourd juice as the fiber gets separated from juice when sieved. Fiber is the ingredient that brings down your body calories.

2. Ash Gourd – The also called 'Wax gourd' is a wonder weight loss vegetable that contains ample nutritive values and medicinal properties. The rind and seeds are also beneficiary to the body and that is why the Chinese used these vegetables to cure urinary tract and vaginal infection. The juice prepared with the pulp is the best summer drink. It fills stomach as well as keeps body hydrated.

3. Butternut Squash – The orange vegetable is sweet ot taste and can be an excellent drink for breakfast. It is an all season vegetable and helps in weight loss in a great way. The beta carotene gets converted to vitamins that prevent free radicals. Chayote squash is also advised by many dieticians, simply grating the the begetable raw and relishing as a salad for brunch will gradually cut down weight and bring relief from various stomach problems.

4. Cucumber – Fat burning natural supplement has similar squash, zucchini and pumpkin properties. It is low calorie vegetable that can fill up your lunch boxes and stomach perfectly. Easily available vegetables contain 90% water and eating them in the form of salads will take care of your taste buds as well as health. Never peel the cucumber skin as that is the highly fibrous and nutritious portion.

5. Bitter Gourd – Although bitter to taste work great in burning the stubborn fat cells. The natural diuretic decreases weight and takes care by balancing the blood sugar and insulin levels. Preparing juice of the bitter melon and starting the day with the healthy herbal supplement will maintain fitness better than any artificial diet pill.

Avoiding eating is not the way to lose weight. Now that you know the better replacement weight loss vegetables you can reduce without any sacrifice. These weight loss foods can keep your food craving under control and help in quick slimming.

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