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Chanakya Niti: People Should Never Stay In These Places


Chanakya has been a source of inspiration for all until this day. Through his quotes and their compilation, he continues to inspire many people today. His shlokas, written in Sanskrit, provide a light of guidance to those who find it difficult to take decisions sometimes in life. Be it education, family, love life, career or friendships, he was a great thinker on all the spheres of life and has jotted down key points required to excel in all. From the same collection, here is one quote in which he tells which place one should never live in. Read on.

"Yasmin Deshe Na Sammano Na Vrittirna Cha Bandhawa

Na Cha Vidya Gamaupyasti Vasastatra Na Karyet"


1. Yasmin Deshe Na Sammano - The Country Where There Is No Respect

A country where one gets no respect is not good for the stay of a person. If he does not get respect over there, it will be disastrous for his personal as well as professional life. No career would help at such a place, since others would not buy from or trust a person whom they do not trust. Similarly, disrespect from the natives of the place will undermine the person's confidence and affect his personal life.

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2. Na Vrittirna – There Is No Income

It goes unsaid that one should not choose a place for living where there is no income possible. Since there is no income or no source of income, survival at such a place is next to impossible. Neither will a person be able to feed himself, nor will he earn respect without any occupation.


3. Na Cha Bandhawa – Where There Are No Friends Or Relatives

One should also not stay at a place where he has no friends or family members. It is only our personal acquaintances that can help us at times of need. However, the relationship might be with a relative or a friend, they can still be reached out for help, while one is in a strange land. However, when there is no such help available, it might complicate things for the worse.


4. Na Cha Vidya Gamoupyasti – Where Acquiring Information Is Not Possible

Even a place where acquiring information is not possible is not good. Since one might have to learn new things as per the requirements of being in a strange land, it is highly important that there is some medium through which he can keep himself updated. After all, that is what his survival over there ultimately depends on.

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Hence, Chanakya says that while a stay at a place where any of these situations exist is difficult, one should immediately leave the place where all the four situations exist altogether.

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