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    Why Should We Wake Up Early During The Brahma Muhurat?


    Brahma Muhurat literally means the 'time of the creator'. Brahma is the creator of the Universe. The first one and a half hours before Sunrise is the Brahma Muhurat. The last hours of the night and of the previous day, these are the most auspicious hours.

    The Hindu religious texts say that this is the best time to wake up at. The time at which the environment is at peace and the time when the pollution is at the least, is not only only auspicious but healthy as well.

    Brahma Muhurt

    This is the best time for Yoga, when even the air is fresh. It would be the most perfect time to give to meditation, as there is no disturbance or any distraction except the occasional chirping of the birds that would obviously only add to your mental peace.

    The period is auspicious for meditation, yoga, worship, studying and other such activities which require concentration.

    As believed in Ayurveda, three Doshas exist in the human body. These are the Vatta Dosha, the Pitta Dosha and the Kapha Dosha. The Vata Dosha is that of air and ether, the Pitta Dosha that of fire and water and the third, the Kapha Dosha is that of earth and water.

    Their proportion in the body keeps changing with the change in the environment. Environment changes constantly. However, the surroundings remain the same for at least 48 minutes each. This period of 48 minutes is known as the Muhurat. So, each Muhurat during the day lasts for 48 minutes.

    From morning till 10:00 AM is the time when Kapha is at work, from 10:00 to 2:00 is the Pitta and from 2:00 to 6:00 is the time for Vatta. This continues for evening as well. From 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM is the time for Kapha, from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM is for Pitta and from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM is the Vatta time again. During this period, the time 48 minutes before sunrise is the most peaceful one when the concentration too becomes good.

    To Know What Determines The Qualities That We Possess

    Yet another belief is that there are three forms of Gunas that the body is made up of. These gunas are the Satva Guna, the Rajo Guna and the Tamo Guna. Though all the Gunas are present together in the body, their area proportions are different. And also while one Guna is active at one time, the others lie dormant. Each of these has a time when it is at its highest and the best.

    These Gunas are responsible for various qualities that a person possesses. The Satva Guna is responsible for the qualities of inner peace, purity, piousness, patience, tolerance, helpfulness and love. The Rajas is responsible for materialism and related qualities, such as the senses, desires and their attainment. The third one rules the qualities of ignorance and unawareness that leads to the building of a demonic character due to lack of knowledge.

    During the Brahma Muhurat, the Satva Guna is highly active, thus benefiting us with all the positive qualities. When the body is awake at this time, the Satva Guna finds a perfect coordination and helps in the upliftment of the character.

    That is why it is of high importance to be awake at this period of the day. For those who are sleeping, they might not get an opportunity to empower the inner positivity. As at other times, the other two Gunas are mainly at work.

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