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What Kind Of Energy Do You Radiate


Are we just the body that we move around with? Are food and drinks the only source of energy for us? No, there is a term known as "subtle energy" that stays along with the body.

It is the energy that is unseen and that which can not be gained through food and drinks. This unseen force has been described as the Prana in the ancient Vedic scriptures and it is known as the 'Chi' in the Eastern countries. Christianity calls it the Holy Spirit.

The more we know our energy, the more aware and conscious we are said to be. This awareness leads to ultimate happiness and experience of pleasure in the mind. Let us explore what this unseen energy is and how it relates to yoga, spirituality as well as astrology.

The human body has seven points located in the spinal cord. The spinal cord finally meets the brain cells through the nervous tissue. These points are known as the Chakras. Individually, they are as follows.

The first Chakra is known as the Muladhar Chakra and is located at the base of the spinal cord. The second Chakra is located at the genitals and is called the Swadhishtahana Chakra. The third one is the Manipura Chakra located near the naval.

The fourth Chakra known as the Ananhata Chakra and is located near the heart. Then comes the Vishudh Chakra located at the throat. The next chakra is the Ajna Chakra existing between the eyes. The Sahasrara Chakra is the last, located above the head. It is also the most important of all these Chakras.

These Chakras regulate the energy flow, the unseen energy in the body. When there is a blockage in the flow, either the mental or the physical health of a person is affected negatively. So, they govern the flow of all energies in the body.

These energies are organized in different layers. These layers are known as the auric field, the etheric body and the emotional body. Now, the auric field affects the state of the mind. It plays an important role in determining, which kind of energy prevails near the individual.

These energies affect our thoughts and mood. The mood affects our work. To improve the auric field, astrologers suggest wearing some elements. These elements are the gemstones and the metals that they suggest to the individuals. Now, deciding upon which gemstone would suit the individual depends upon the positioning of various planets in the birth chart of the individual.

Yogic practice says that human body has five other bodies which are its sub-parts. These are namely the physical body, the emotional, the mental body, ether body and the connecting body. These bodies circulate the subtle energy in the actual body. There should not be any blockage in the flow of these energies.

Haven't you observed that upon meeting a happy and jolly person, we feel happy and energized too. Whereas a sad person makes the others sad too. This way, we are charged up with the energy that is present there.

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This is all done through the energy flowing in the aura of that person. Whose energy will be effective on the other is determined by the force and frequency of the energy itself.

There are ways not only to remove the blockage in the flow of the energy but also to increase the frequency of these energies and regulate their healthy flow.

Yogic practices and acupuncture heal the blocked pathways. Spirituality and deeds such as donation, charity, prayers, and other tasks that bring mental satisfaction and peace along with bringing the person closer to one's own soul are the ways of increasing the quality and the frequencies of the energies.

Similarly, use of items such as gemstones help in making sure that only positive energy flows in the aura outside and around the body of the person. All these help improve the life; and the individual emerges as a happy and Satvik person, radiating his positive and powerful vibes.

Now, just take a minute to ponder over which kind of energy do you radiate and start managing it through the ways mentioned above.

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