Vidura Niti: The Luckiest Man on The Earth Has These Five Things


India is a land of great thoughts, where lots of great thinkers such as Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi, Chanakya, Paramahans, etc., have contributed their part to the society. Besides their contribution to the society, they have even added to the precious literature as well.

One of these great minds was Vidura, whose mention we can find in the Mahabharata. The brother of Dhritarashtra and the uncle of the Kouravas and Pandavas, Vidura had a divine vision because of which he could see the Mahabharata war sitting back at home.

the luckiest man on the earth

With this divine vision, he used to witness and narrate the proceedings of the war, to Dhritarashtra who was visually impaired since birth. From his contribution in the form of great thoughts to the mankind, we have brought to you some quotes.

These explain the five things which can make a person really lucky. The one who has these can be considered one of the luckiest man on Earth. Take a look at these.

''Athorgamo Nityarogita Cha, Priya Cha Bharya, Priyavadini Cha,
Vashyachshra Putroarthakari, Cha Vidya, Shadjeevlokasya, Sukhai Rajan''

It is the shloka (Sanskrit rhyme) which mentions who is the luckiest person in this world. The one who has these things mentioned below, is said to be the most successful person of the world, says Vidura, in this Shloka.


wealth is the problem and wealth is the solution. We work every day, cross our limits and come out of the comfort zones, all for money. It is the solution to all the problems in life. Wealth, as is commonly said, is not everything, but it is a lot, for it can buy happiness to a large extent. These words which he said around two thousand years ago are very equally applicable today as well.

One who has sufficient finances, gets treated easily in case of any ailments; but the one who has nothing to pay to the doctor has to suffer and he falls into the trap of the vicious cycle of poverty. Hence, the poor goes on to become poorer and the rich recovers soon, all set to start earning again. Man must therefore try to earn sufficient for himself as well as his family.


Health is the ultimate and the greatest secret to a happy life. The one who has a sound health is a blessed soul, as is believed. A healthy man can eat well, work well, exercise well, and again eat well. Healthy body gives him a healthy mind. But the one whose health is not good, or whose body does not support him so well, finds it difficult to go and work as well as reap the pleasures of life.

Hence, taking up measures to get a good health is very crucial, more so for the modern man, whose eating habits are much different from the men of those times when Vidura had actually quoted these.

A Good Wife

Our great grandfathers had said, a lot depends on the woman of the house. From the health of the family members, to the mental happiness and thus to the wealth of a man, everything can be influenced by the woman in the house. A woman who has a good behaviour and who is a peace lover will try her best to maintain peace in the family and will have good relations with the relatives.

Vidura mentions that the one who uses sweet words will easily make it to the hearts of the people. Thus, she will be loved and respected by all, thus maintaining harmony in the house. Hence, the one whose wife is good natured and speaks sweetly, is a lucky man too.


Vidura mentions - Sadbuddhi, which is another factor that makes a man lucky enough. 'Sadbudhi' is the Hindi word for good sense. As he mentions it comes with education. As Chanakya had also said, an educated man is respected everywhere. Education makes him capable of earning well, reading the best literature of the world, and participating in the good running of the government in case of the modern man. He chooses wisely and understands things better. Thus, education makes a man more successful along with the respect that he gets.

An Obedient Son

One of the biggest and the major worries for parents is their kids, questions related to their career, their happiness, their life, etc., occupy the minds of the parents throughout the day. In this context, what choices their children make is a question which is the most difficult to handle for them, especially when their choices seem like the wrong ones.

Hence, a man whose son is obedient and good feels he's the luckiest man on Earth. For such a boy, Vidura uses the word - Arthakaari, which is the Hindi word for a good son. A good son not only obeys the orders of his parents diligently, but also decides wisely about his life, thus removing all the worries of his parents.

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