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An Ashrama And A Cat-Part II

Continued From the First Part

On one occasion one of the kittens clambered on to the window-shade of the 2nd floor of the Brahmachari residence in its enthusiasm to explore the external world, but could not find a way to return. It started crying the whole night, the Brahmacharis did not probably hear because they were in the bliss of deep sleep. Early morning the next day all of them went to the temple for chanting Vedas and returned. They were still hearing the cries but could not locate the source, being still dark. The first Vedanta period was over.

The Brahmacharts ran for break-fast. While returning, one of them noticed this kitten perched on the windowsill crying, not knowing the way to come back. Lo! the news spread like wild fire. All the Brahmacharis jumped at once into activity. Every one started doing what he thought best to bring back the kitten down to the ground. Some one brought a ladder, another a rope and a third a basket and all of them reached as near as possible to it. But the kitten did not dare to oblige for fear of a fall from that great height.

One of the Brahmacharis thought of an excellent idea of making bridge between the windowsill and a branch of a tree just protruding outside. A plank was thrown but still the kitten could not dare to walk the path which was like 'Kshurasya dhara' (razors edge). One Brahmachari then made a noose by the rope and threw it around the neck of the kitten. He then started pulling it, slowly but still the kitten was hesitant to step out. On its refusal, the Brahmachari started pulling the noose which began tightening round the neck of the kitten. It had no choice. It had, either to move forward step by step or get strangled by refusal. After all, life is dear to every one. Slowly but steadily, the kitten stepped forward by gripping the plank tightly.

The Brahmachari applied pressure through the rope. Every one around held their breath. The kitten was doing a tight rope walking just as in a circus. Finally the kitten made it. Each of the participating youngsters gave a sigh of relief.

The kitten then started playing around confidently throughout the Ashrama. There were also some guest students in this Ashrama studying Vedanta at the fag end of their life having realised the illusory pluralistic world. They wanted to have an assured berth in the abode of Brahman. The kitten got into the habit of approaching one of the guest students who offered it at tea time, a piece of Marie biscuit form his stock.

Brahmachari Yeshwantkumar, one day carried the kitten on his shoulders to the hall where the Vedanta discourses were held and allowed it to play around in the hall to the scare the lady guest students. After that, the kitten developed courage to attend Vedanta classes regularly. Its attendance at the Vedanta class was very spectacularly regular. It occupied the vantage point on the door-mat majestically.

I was just wondering that the Jeeva in the form of this kitten might have been a sage in the previous birth and having committed a sinful act might have been ordained to the life of a kitten considering its regular attendance at the Vedanta class. As lord Krishna tells Arjuna on the battle field of Kurukshetra : Gahanaa karmano gatih (profound is the course of work) Gita. 4.17

Story first published: Monday, May 3, 2010, 13:21 [IST]
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