Sri Ramakrishna's Smile-Like The Divine Mother's Guidance

Sri Ramakrishna
Continued from Sri Ramakrishna's Smile-Cheerfulness

Go on and try your best; I am here to help you

Have you seen a baby's first attempts to stand and walk? The mother stands nearby, watching, her face lit up with an appreciative smile. The child falls down a number of times; so long as there is no serious danger the mother doesn't intervene. Every fall is necessary for the child to complete his training. After a while perhaps the child gets tired and is about to give up the attempt. Then he sees his mother standing beside. Her encouraging presence again fills the little one with joy and energy. Again the attempts begin. Now and then, the mother lends a helping hand, just enough for the child to accomplish the task on his own. She will not deprive him of the joy of achievement. 'Go on, go on dear,' says the mother. 'You are doing wonderful. Don't worry, I am here to help you.' At last, the child has not to crawl on all fours any more. He learns to walk.

Every one of us is a child of the Divine Mother. We are all Her children, crawling in this world of Maya. Our attempts to get out of this bondage and be free are like the child's attempts at toddling. Like the child, we too fail a number of times. But the Divine Mother is there near every one of us, smiling at our efforts. She knows only too well our limitations and our needs.

We have only to look up to Her and hear Her words: 'Go on, go on, My child. You are doing wonderful. I am here 'to help you.' This is exactly what Sri Ramakrishna's smile conveys to us. We know He is near us, nearer than the nearest thing we can conceive of. He is the Inner Guide, the Inner Controller (antaryami), and our own Supreme Self (paramatma).

We have only to put forth our best efforts and leave the rest in His hands. He knows best. He knows us better than we know ourselves. And He will give us what we really deserve. His divine hands are always outstretched to help us, his stumbling, grumbling and groaning children. His grace will one day surely take us to the 'other shore' of Bliss, Peace and Perfection.

Sri Ramakrishna's smile thus points out to us both the Goal and the Way, and also gives us the assurance of divine help in our spiritual journey. Sri Ramakrishna's smile has a message for you. The deeper you probe the greater is your understanding.

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Story first published: Monday, January 24, 2011, 15:39 [IST]
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