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    Sai Sat Charitra-Chapter 18-19, Part 8 (Continued)

    By Staff
    Baba asked many to remember His name and to surrender to Him, but to those, who wanted to know who they were ('Who am I' enquiry), He advised Shravanam (study) and Mananam (meditation). To some, He advised remembering God's name, to others hearing His leelas, to some worship of His Feet, to others reading and studying Adhyatma Ramayan, Jnaneshwari and other sacred scriptures. Some He made sit near His Feet, some He sent to Khandoba's temple, and some He advised the repetition of the thousands names of Vishnu and some the study of Chhandogya Upanishad and Geeta.
    There were no limit, nor restriction to Baba's instructions. To some, He gave them in person. To others by vision in dreams. To one addicted to drink, He appeared in his dream, sat on his chest, pressed it and left him, after he gave a promise not to touch liquor anymore. To some, He explained some Mantras like 'Gurur Brahma' in dreams. To some devotees, who were practising Hath-Yoga, He sent word that he should give up Hath-Yoga practices, sit quiet and wait (Saburi). It is impossible to describe all His ways and methods. In ordinary worldly dealings, He set examples by His actions, one of which is given below.

    Sai Ram. The roads are many but the goal is the same. The paths are many but the destination is same. That is the union of the Jeevatma with the Paramatma, the individual soul with the Universal Soul, the water drop with the ocean. Sai Ram.

    Remuneration for Labour

    One day at noon, Baba came near Radha-Krishna-Mai's house and said - "Bring me a ladder." Some men brought it and set it against a house as directed by Baba. He climbed up on the roof of Vaman Gondkar's house, passed the roof of Radha-Krishna-Mai's house and then got down from the other corner. What object Baba had, none could know.

    Sai Ram. And when Baba did not will it, none of His disciples or devotees including Shama, Tatya Kote Patil etc., could think of asking Him.

    Radha-Krishna-Mai was, at that time, shivering with Malaria. It may be to drive off that fever, that He may have gone there. Immediately after getting down, Baba paid rupees two to the persons who brought the ladder. Somebody asked Baba, why he paid so much for this. He replied that nobody should take the labour of others, in vain. The worker should be paid, his dues promptly and liberally.

    Sai Ram. It is always better to pay liberally. The recipient feels obliged and will come gladly the next time for the giver's requests. Also, Baba was indicating that karmic debts should be settled as fast as possible.

    Sai Ram. We have come to the end of a wonderfully rich chapter. In the next issue, we will take up another great chapter, where Baba explains to Sri Dasa Ganu Maharaj, the essence of Isa Upanishad. Sai Ram.

    Bow to Shri Sai - Peace be to all

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