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Vat Savitri Puja 2020: Know The Muhurta, Rituals And Significance Of This Festival

In Hindu Mythology, Vat Savitri Puja is considered to be quite important in the lives of married women. Every year on Vat Savitri Puja, women observe a fast to ensure the long and healthy life of their husbands. This year the festival falls on 22 May 2020. In this festival, Hindu married women worship Bar (Banyan) Tree. To know more about this festival, read the article below.

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Muhurta Of Vat Savitri Puja 2020

The Muhurta for Vat Savitri Puja will begin at 09:35 pm on 21 May 2020 and will end at 11:08 pm on 22 May 2020. Women can worship the Almighty during this Muhurta and pray for their husbands' health and prosperity.

Rituals Of Vrat Savitri Puja

  • Women should wake up early in the morning and freshen up.
  • They need to then clean their houses and then take a bath. After taking a bath, one must wear clean clothes. You can also wear new clothes and jewellery.
  • Sprinkle Gangajal in your entire house.
  • Make an idol of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe and put the idol in a basket made up of bamboo. Also, make an idol of Savitri and place it on the left side of Lord Brahma.
  • After this, make the idols of Savitri and Satyavahan. In this festival, Savitri along with her husband is worshipped under the Banyan tree.
  • Place all the idols along with Sindoor (vermillion), Haldi (turmeric), flowers, 5 different fruits, a new cloth, soaked chickpeas, thread, banana leaves, bamboo fan, milk and Jal (water).
  • Now take the basket under a banyan tree and place the idols at the root of the tree. Now pour Jal at the roots.
  • Worship Lord Brahma and Savitri by lighting a Diya and offering them soaked chickpeas, fruits and flowers on the banana leaves. Apply tilak on the forehead of Brahma by mixing Haldi, roli and milk.
  • Now apply Sindoor on Savitri and tilak on Satyavahan. Put offerings in front of them also.
  • Now tie the thread three times around the banyan tree and pray for the well-being of your husband.
  • After this, wear jewellery made up of Banyan leaves and listen to the Vrat Katha (story) of Savitri and Satyavahan. After listening to the story, use the bamboo fan to aerate the idols.
  • Once you are done worshipping, tie some soaked chickpeas in the new cloth and offer to your mother-in-law or an elder woman in your family.
  • Now offer some fruits to your husband along with the Jal.

Significance Of Vrat Savitri Puja

  • The festival is dedicated to the eternal love of Savitri and her husband Satyavahan.
  • Satyavahan died under a Banyan tree and it is said that Savitri did Tapasya to bring back the life of her husband.
  • Pleased by her prayers, Yamraj, the God of death gave her three boons.
  • With her intelligence, she used those boons to win back the life of her husband. Since then, every year she prayed under the Banyan tree to ensure the long and healthy life of her husband.
  • This day holds great importance in the lives of newly-married Hindu women. They celebrate the festival with joy and harmony.
  • Women observe a fast for the entire day and spend their entire day in worshipping the Almighty.
  • Women on this day, wear their best clothes and jewellery. They gather together and listen to the folk stories of Savitri and Satayvahan. After this, they engage themselves in singing songs and playing some games.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 21, 2020, 14:45 [IST]