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Thai Amavasya 2023: Date, Celebrations At Rameswaram, Kanyakumari, And Remedies For Shani Dosha

New Moon Day occurring in the month of Thai month of Tamil calendar, is otherwise known as Thai Amavasya to which great significance is attached in the Tamilian Culture. This day is primarily meant for ancestral worship which includes parents, siblings etc. Mauni Amavasya is the north Indian Counterpart for the Thai, where in people from the Northern regions, celebrate by observing total silence for the whole day. It is a common sight for any visitor to see people crowded on the banks of sacred rivers and seas taking a holy dip that is followed by the actual ancestral ceremony or Shradh or Tarpan. Thai is the day when the souls of the dead visit their surviving family to bless them.

Thai Amavasya 2023: Date

Thai Amavasya falls on 21 January on Saturday this year 2023 and prayers, and offerings are made to the Forefathers to attain sadgati.

Thai Amavasya 2023: Rituals At Rameswaram

The Rameswaram sea shores and the Agniteertham sea coast turn busiest upon the arrival of Thai, with people taking holy dips in batches. Apart from the ceremonial pujas, prayer rituals to Navagrahas are completed at Devipattinam near Rameswaram.
The entire set of religious procedures reach the peak as processions specially meant for Shiva, Sri Rama and Sita idols, picked up from the Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple reach Agnitheertham after which pujas and prayers on a grand scale are conducted.

Thai Amavasya 2023: Celebrations At Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is another divine spot where the Triveni Sangam or the confluence of three sacred seas witness maximum footfalls with thousands of devotees immersing in seawaters for a holy cleanse. Balikarma Puja is followed by the Tarpanam in the background of Vedic chants recited by purohits. As the vedic chants are completed, they visit the Ganesha and Bhagawati Amman temple where people on Thai Amavasya mandatorily observe the Thai. Puja starts at the wee hours at 4 am in the temple where Goddess is offered Perfume seva, nairmalya puja while her Vishwarupa darshan will be provided to the devotees. From Usha Puja, Sri Balipuja, to Ushakala Deeparati, all the rituals go on unhindered. After worship concludes at 8.30 pm, procession will be drawn around the area and that goes on upto 10 pm at night at the sangam of seas and then enters the temple.. Goddess is made to sit on the palanquin, and goes around the temple to the background of devotional music after which the puja concludes with deeparati..
The clubbing together of Thai Amavasya and Shani Amavasya, rids one of sorrows and one can also placate the ancestors with charitable activities. The poor and needy deserve your charity the most.

Thai Amavasya 2023: Remedies To Remove Shani Dosha

Donating black gram, black sesame, jaggery, clothes to the poor, gets us untold measure of blessings from our ancestors. Of all the danams, anna danam is considered to have the most powerful effect on the giver's fortunes. The poor who are naturally deprived of food, are pleased only with a morsel of food on their plate and nothing else comforts a man as much as a morsel of food that is offered with goodwill. Offering water is secondary in importance when it comes to danas.
Hanuman is the answer to the prayers of those plagued by ill effects of Saturn as Saturn can punish any one in his seven and half year period. So reciting Hanuman Chalisa and mantra on this day can get you rid of the malefic effects of Shani. Problems at all levels are solved including the financial ones by the grace of Hanuman.There are other ways to please Shani Bhagawan on the day of Amavasya. Feed a dog, as it will bring blessings of Shani. If you are of help to anyone in need today, Shani is bound to remove hurdles from your path.
Tarpanam and Shradh are mandatory practices to be followed on the arrival of Thai New moon. This year, the Thai ceremony acquires a different colour as the Amavasya coincides with Saturday. This is actually a period of boons wherein wishes of any magnitude will be answered instantly by Shani Bhagawan.

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Story first published: Friday, January 20, 2023, 15:07 [IST]
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