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Navratri 2022: Day-Wise Significance Of Nine Colours And Their Meaning

Navratri is a day of supreme significance for the Hindus pan India. This was the day Goddess Durga annihilated the fiercest demons and restored peace and tranquility to the world. Navratri is dedicated to the nine splendorous forms of Goddess Durga. Each day denotes a colour that upholds a particular aspect of Navratri.

Each Navratri has been assigned a particular colour which changes every year. Also, women in Gujarat and Maharashtra, follow the colour code extensively and match the colour with accessories on each day of Navratri. Be it office, or dandiya celebrations and garba dances women never fail to wear the perfect colour for Navratri. It proves tremendously auspicious to incorporate these day-specific colours in your attire and perform the rituals. Let us now the day-wise significance of the nine colours during Navratri.

Day 1 Dedicated To Goddess Shailaputri- White

Wear the colour of the Goddess to please her on this day. Synonymous with chastity and innocence, white should be worn on the Monday, which is the first day of Navratri, to accrue divine blessings and experience peace from within. White in spiritual connotations means Spiritual awakening, Illumination, Knowledge, Wholeness, Completion, Light, Love, and Rebirth / Renewal, Innocence, Purity, Cleanliness, Balance, Harmony, Fairness and equality. All colours are encased in the white colour which is the basic colour with which every other colour is believed to exist. It is all inclusive and accepts all.

Day 2 Dedicated To Goddess Brahmacharini- Red

On Tuesday, wear Red to heighten your festive spirit. Although the Red hue in your attire spells passion and love, at the same time, it is the most preferred colour for the chunri offered to the Goddess. Red infuses your being with vigour and vitality. It also is a symbol of energy, strength, dynamism creativity and warmth. It can also indicate aggression sometimes. While healing, red is used to turn on warmth to burn out the disease. It is powerful, and is best used in moderation. Materialism, and quick temper are indicated through the aura.

Day 3 Dedicated To Goddess Chandraghanta-Royal Blue

Wear Navratri spirit on the third day, with the elan and elegance of the royal blue shade. Royal blude is strikes the onlooker as rich and tranquil. Blue induces spiritual leanings, intuition, inspired state and inner peace. It also hints at melancholy and depression, sometimes. While healing, blue is used as a cooling and calming agent, both physically and mentally. Aura wise, it stands for serenity, contentment and spiritual evolution. Blessings from Goddess would surely make your day.

Day 4 Dedicated To Goddess Kushmanda-Yellow

The colour yellow, spills over with optimism and mirth. Sighting yellow anywhere, on your way back home, feels exhilarating. It is very contagious colour that infects you with a smile. Yellow also stands for intellect, creativity, happiness and the abilities for persuasion. One can also be a coward under this influence. While healing, yellow is used to induce better clarity in thought process. Aura wise, it denotes well developed intellect for gains either on the material or the spiritual side. Wear yellow for obtaining the grace of the Goddess.

Day 5 Dedicated To Goddess Skandamata-Green

Green colour originates from nature and brings along with it, a sense of evolution, fecundity, peace and serenity. Wear this shade on Friday and be blessed by Goddess with these qualities. Green augurs well for new beginnings, affluence, luck, prosperity, and vitality. It emits envy but it is a healing colour that is effective in all situations that require healing. Aura wise, green signifies balance and peaceful state as well as an ability for healing which Goddess will surely bless you with.

Day 6 Dedicated To Goddess Katyayani-Grey

Grey colour keeps the emotional impulses in check and retains the persons down to earth attributes. This colour is apt for those who want their Navratri to be a day where they can make a difference through a unique colour statement. This is a shade that is essentially low key, subtle and spells sublimity. It is also indicative of the virtues of dignity, honour, and humility and modesty in a person. Be blessed by the merciful Goddess Katyayani by wearing Grey on this day.

Day 7 Dedicated To Goddess Kaalratri - Orange

Worship Goddess Navdurga who wears orange tint in her attire on the Sunday. Wearing this colour on the 7th day, accrues warmth and exuberant qualities of spirit and heart. This colour brims over with positivity and gives an upbeat feel to the devotee's character. Orange is your window to the external world and the equation you have established with it. It shows how the needs of the physical body are satisfied in the external world. It enhances immunity and represents thoughtfulness and creativity. Wearing orange will invoke blessings from this Goddess.

Day 8 Dedicated To Goddess Mahagauri-Peacock Green

Peacock Green is everything that is unique and individualistic. Wear this colour on the day 8 of Navratri and stand apart from the rest, flaunting this unusually combined shade of blue and green. It exudes compassion and a refreshing vibration. This colour fulfils the desires of devotees. Symbolising fortune, luck, tranquillity, good beginnings, it also positively indicates new journey, wellbeing, hope, peace and oodles of harmony. Positivity, needless to mention, is an inherent part of this shade. Peacock green is the harbinger of divine blessings from Goddess on this day.

Day 9 Dedicated To Goddess Siddhidatri-Pink

Wear Pink hues in your clothes this 9th day of Navratri. While Pink stands for universal love, affection and harmony, it is also a colour that adds a quotient of attraction, charm and approachability to a person's character. Pink Is a reminder of unconditional love, that gives but does not take anything in return. It is also a colour that enhances friendly vibes and conviviality. Aura wise, it balances the spiritual with the material. The dainty pink in your dress will surely attract the luck and the required punya to draw divine blessings.

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