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Kaal Sarpa Dosha/ Yoga: Types, Remedies, Benefits And Exceptions

Kaal Sarpa Yoga when translated to English means. "Kala" (time) ;'Sarpa' ( Serpent )and "Yoga" (combination). A person who kills a serpent is cursed with Kaal Sarpa Dosha due to which he often sees snakes in their dreams. The effects of the Kaal Sarpa Yoga are quite gruesome. Kaal Sarpa Yoga is actually formed when all planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu.

This planetary alignment creates Kaal Sarpa Yoga. Even if one planet stays outside the axis of Rahu or Ketu It does not indicate Kaal Sarpa Yoga. The Sarpa Dosha is known to follow a soul or a person even after his death, whereas the Kaal Sarpa Dosha is of hereditary nature whose effects are felt only when there is Rahu dosha in the chart. Kaal Sarpa Yoga remedies are simple and effective but Sarpa Dosha mitigation is not easy.

For the Kaal Sarpa Yoga to affect the people, Rahu should be at the upper end and Ketu at the lower end. There should not be any planet in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu. All the seven planets should face Rahu who is always in retrograde motion. Let us find out how this dosha impacts the human lives, and also the remedies used to mitigate its effect.

Kaal Sarpa Yoga/Dosha: Effects On People

Kaal Sarpa Yoga has the following far reaching impact, effects on the person born under it.

• It causes imprisonment or serious accident.
• The affected person's health and longevity is reduced. They are always insecure.
• The person is indecisive, stressed, anxious, low on self-esteem and self-confidence. Happiness and mental peace elude them.
• He lives a life full of struggles and hurdles.
• The person encounters impediments and difficulties with respect to love affairs, marriage and progeny.
• Kaal Sarpa Yoga affects wealth, profession and career of a person. Loss of Job and business is a guaranteed feature.
• The Kaal sarpa affected person will face betrayals in friendship, business partnerships and loved ones.
• Success will be delayed for every effort undertaken. Rewards will be missed for the work done.
• Impediments bog him down at every step right from the start to the finish.
• The pleasure in domestic relationships will be sorely missing. Friends and relatives do not extend their support, the marriage ends in divorce, and there will be lack of marital harmony.
• Nightmares and snake dreams do not allow the person to have a restful sleep.

Kaal Sarpa Yoga/Dosha:: Remedies To Follow At Home

Following remedies, if practiced with faith, are capable of eliminating/mitigating the Kaal Sarpa Yoga in the birthchart.
• Before beginning the worship of Rahu and Ketu, don't fail to remember Lord Ganesha. Otherwise, the puja will never provide valid results.
• Worship Lord Hanuman by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa every day or every Tuesday and Saturday to get relief from the Sani, Kujha as well as the Rahu and Ketu dosha. Also, one can offer him Vada Mala (Vada garland) or Betel leaves mala (Betel leaves garland).
• Offer 11 coconuts in flowing water or a river on a Saturday or on a Panchami Tithi.
• Offering 108 pairs of Nag and Nagin (female nag) made of metal in the river and offer Rudra Abhishek on a Monday helps to a great extent in mitigating the Kaal Sarpa Yoga effects/ Also do Kaal sarp gayatri alongside.
• Keep a pet dog at home to please Lord Batuk Bhairav whose powerful blessings can cure the malady.
• Chant Vishnu Sahasranama and worship Manasa Devi.
• Place a five-hooded silver idol of Nag Raj, in Lord Subramanya Swami temple and worship it daily with a mixture of Rice and Haldi.
• Chant the Panchakshari Mantra, i.e., Om Namah Shivaya, at least 108 times daily.
• Chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra at least 108 times daily.
• Offer Tarpanam to ancestors on every Amavasya if possible.
• Offer milk to the snake gods on Saturdays/especially on Nag Panchami days.
• Donate snake idol made of silver at any Shiva temple on Saturday or Nag Panchami day.
• Chant the Bheej Mantra of Rahu Ketu 108 times daily, 'Om Sri Rahave Namaha, Om Sri Ketave Namaha.'
• Chant Hanuman Chalisa..
• Chant Gayatri Mantra either 21 times or 108 times in a day facing the sun
• Perform puja to an energized and installed Kaal Sarpa yoga yantra in your puja mandir.
• Holding an Agate (akeek) in your hand, chant one rosary of the Beej mantra of Rahu Water a Peepal tree on every Saturday.

Kaal Sarpa Yoga/Dosha: Remedies To Be Performed In Temples

Here are some remedies that one can perform in the temples to get rid of Kaal Sarpa Dosha.

• It is compulsory that you get the pujas done by experts and not novices in the field. Perform milk Abhishek to Lord Shiva. Puja must be done in a temple with offerings of milk, flowers, Bilvapatra, fruits and plums on every Monday, followed by offering something in charity to the poor. Perform Lord Shivas puja on Mahashivaratri.
• Some of the famous Temple where you can perform remedy for the Rahu Kethu pooja are Ujjain Mahakaleshwar Temple, Thrimbakeshwaram Temple in Maharashtra, Sree Kalahasthi and Mopidevi Subrahmanya Temple in Andhra Pradesh, Kukke Subrahmanya Temple near Bengaluru, Ramanatha Swamy Temple Rameshwaram and Tirunageswram Temple (Rahu Temple) in Tamilnadu.
Performing milk Abishekam in Rahukalam at Thirunageshwaram, Vaideeswaran kovil (Kuja Temple) and then Ketu temple in Peroambare.. Also you can arrange for the 'Sarpa Samaskara', at these temples. The Pooja has to be done twice in a year , once in uttarayana (mid-Jan to mid-July) and the other time in dakshinayana, (mid-July to mid-Jan).
• Get a Kaal Sarpa Yoga Nivaran pooja performed on a Wednesday or Friday to negate Rahu's malefic effects.
• Get a Dashansh Homa or Yajna done on Nag Panchami day in the month of Shravan in a temple or near a holy river and donate fresh radish.
• Visit any Naga temple nearby and offer puja for 18 weeks. Worship using a gingelly oil Diya and do the usual puja with black gingelly seeds. In the last week, install five hooded two silver or wooden snake idols. Worship them daily. Also, visit Lord Narasimha and Lord Subramanya swamy temple every day.
• Garuda Panchami Vrata, should be performed every year. Every 43rd Wednesday in the year, donate pulses to the needy. Also perform shanti puja on Shashti tithi.
• The following mantras have to be chanted for 21 days regularly at home.
a. Om Aaathishesha naagaayanamaha
b.Om Avantha nagaaya namaha
c. Om Vaasugiye Namaha
d. Om Thatcha naagaaya namaha
e.Om Kaarkodaka naagaaya namaha
f.Om Padma naagaaya namaha
g. Om Mahaa Padma Naagaaaya Namaha
h. Om Sanka naagaya namaha
i.Om Kuliga nagaaya namaha

Kaal Sarpa Yoga/Dosha: Exceptions

• Presence of Strong Raja Yoga, strong/exalted moon and Sun, Gajakesari yoga, strong lagna lord, exalted 1st, 5th or 9th lord, in the horoscope can nullify the effects of this dosha.

Disclaimer: The information is based on assumptions and information available on the internet and the accuracy or reliability is not guaranteed. Boldsky does not confirm any inputs or information related to the article and our only purpose is to deliver information. Kindly consult the concerned expert before practising or implementing any information and assumption.

Image sources: Wikimedia Commons

Story first published: Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 12:00 [IST]
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