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Diwali 2021: Ashtottara Shatanamavali Of Goddess Kali, 108 Names And Significance

The image of Goddess Kali is very unsettling, we see her angered and her tongue sticking out, wearing a garland of severed heads. The blood dripping everywhere. But, her story and well as origin have a purpose that not many are aware of and it is best told in the Devi Mahatmyam, which is commonly known as Chandi Paat and Durga Saptashati in Marjandeya Purana.

Goddess Kali is synonymous with fierceness, power and rage and the willpower to destroy evil and free the world. She represents the courage to stand against the wrong or any obstacles in our lives. Also, she symbolises the death of the ego in human life. She is the embodiment of Kaala (time) and Lord Shiva's female form (Kaala). Therefore, her name means, 'she who is black'. Also, She has been praised in Vedas, Puranas and numerous ancient texts.

Diwali is almost here, and this year we all will be celebrating the festival of lights on 4 November. In this article, we have curated a divine set of 108 names of Goddess Kali, which is also known as Kali Ashtottra Shatanamavali. These names are usually recited during daily pooja or during auspicious days. Also, there is an interesting thing about the Kali Ashtottara Shatanamavali, i.e., all the names described starts with the letters 'ka'.

Kali Ashtottara Shatanamavali - 108 Names Of Goddess Kali

1. Om Kaalyai Namaha
2. Om Kapalinyai Namaha
3. Om Kanthayai Namaha
4. Om Kamadaayai Namaha
5. Om Kamasundaryai Namaha
6. Om Kalarathryai Namaha
7. Om Kalikayai Namaha
8. Om Kalabhairva poojithayai Namaha
9. Om Kurukullayai Namaha
10. Om Kaminyai Namaha
11. Om Kamaniya swabhavinyai Namaha
12. Om Kuleenayai Namaha
13. Om Kulakarthyai Namaha
14. Om Kulavartma-prakashinyai Namaha
15. Om Kasthuri rasa neelayai Namaha
16. Om Kaamyayai Namaha
17. Om Kama swarupinyai Namaha
18. Om Kakara varna nilayayai Namaha
19. Om Kamadhenave Namaha
20. Om Karaalikayai Namaha
21. Om Kula kanthayai Namaha
22. Om Karaalasyayai Namaha
23. Om Kamarrthayai Namaha
24. Om Kalavathyai Namaha
25. Om Krusodharyai Namaha
26. Om Kamakhyayai Namaha
27. Om Kaumarthyai Namaha
28. Om Kula-paalinyai Namaha
29. Om Kulajaayai Namaha
30. Om Kula-kanyayai Namaha
31. Om Kulahayai Namaha
32. Om Kula-pujithayai Namaha
33. Om Kameshwaryai Namaha
34. Om Kama-kathayai Namaha
35. Om Kunjareshwara-gaaminyai Namaha
36. Om Kama-daatryai Namaha
37. Om Kama-harthryai Namaha
38. Om Krishnayai Namaha
39. Om Kapardhinyai Namaha
40. Om Kumudhayai Namaha
41. Om Krishna dehayai Namaha
42. Om Kalindhyai Namaha
43. Om Kula pujithayai Namaha
44. Om Kashyapyai Namaha
45. Om Krishna matre Namaha
46. Om Kulishaangyai Namaha
47. Om Kalaayai Namaha
48. Om Krim rupayai Namaha
49. Om Kula gamyayai Namaha
50. Om Kamalayai Namaha
51. Om Krishna pujithayai Namaha
52. Om Krushaangyai Namaha
53. Om Kinnarthyai Namaha
54. Om Karthryai Namaha
55. Om Kalakantyai Namaha
56. Om Karthikyai Namaha
57. Om Kumbhu kanthyai Namaha
58. Om Koulinyai Namaha
59. Om Kumudhayai Namaha
60. Om Kama jeevinyai Namaha
61. Om Kulastriyai Namaha
62. Om Keerthikayai Namaha
63. Om Kruthyayai Namaha
64. Om Keerthyai Namaha
65. Om Kula paalikayai Namaha
66. Om Kamadeva kalayai Namaha
67. Om Kalpalathayai Namaha
68. Om Kamaanga vardhinyai Namaha
69. Om Kunthayai Namaha
70. Om Kumuda preethayai Namaha
71. Om Kadamba kusumothsukhayai Namaha
72. Om Kadambinyai Namaha
73. Om Kamalinyai Namaha
74. Om Krishnaananda pradhayinyai Namaha
75. Om Kumari puja narathayai Namaha
76. Om Kumari-gana sobhithayai Namaha
77. Om Kumari ranjana rathayai Namaha
78. Om Kumari vrata dharinyai Namaha
79. Om Kankalyai Namaha
80. Om Kamaneeyayai Namaha
81. Om Kamasastra visaradayai Namaha
82. Om Kapala Khatvaanga dhararyai Namaha
83. Om Kalabhairava swaroopinyai Namaha
84. Om Kotarethyai Namaha
85. Om Kotaraakshyai Namaha
86. Om Kasi vaasinyai Namaha
87. Om Kailasa vaasinyai Namaha
88. Om Kathyayanyai Namaha
89. Om Karyakarthyai Namaha
90. Om Kavyasastra pramodhinyai Namaha
91. Om Kamaakarshana rupayai Namaha
92. Om Kamapeetha nivaasinyai Namaha
93. Om Kankinyai Namaha
94. Om Kakinyai Namaha
95. Om Kreedayai Namaha
96. Om Kuthsithayai Namaha
97. Om Kalaha priyayai Namaha
98. Om Kundagolodhbhava pranayai Namaha
99. Om Kousikyai Namaha
100. Om Keerthi vardhinyai Namaha
101. Om Kumbhasthanyai Namaha
102. Om Katakshayai Namaha
103. Om Kavyayai Namaha
104. Om Kokanada priyayai Namaha
105. Om Kanthara vaasinyai Namaha
106. Om Kathyai Namaha
107. Om Kathinayai Namaha
108. Om Krishna vallabhayai Namaha