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Darsha Amavasya 2020: Here’s The Story, Muhurta & Rituals Associated With This Day

As per the Hindu mythology, Amavasya is the moonless night of a lunar phase. Throughout the year there are many such Amavasya but among all Darsha Amavasya holds great importance. This is the day when people perform various rituals for their deceased family members. This year the date falls on 22 May 2020. To know more about this day, scroll down the article to read more.

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Muhurta For Darsha Amavasya

The muhurta for Darsha Amavasya begins at 08:05 pm on 21 May 2020 and will stay till 09:38 pm on 22 May 2020. People can perform shradh rituals during this timing.

Story Of Darsha Amavasya

There is a mythological story about Barhishadhas, who are basically souls living due to the effect of SomRas, a kind of divine nectar. Once one Barhishadha conceived and gave birth to a child. The child was named Acchoda who always craved for father's love. Later she took the advice of divine souls residing in the Pitru Loka. the sous advised her to take birth as the daughter of King Amavasu.

Acchoda did as asked. She became the pretty and darling daughter of King Amavasu. Acchoda received abundant love from her father. After the demise of the King, Acchoda then performed a puja on the new moon night and thanked her father for giving her immense love, care, etc. She also thanked the souls of Pitru Loka. Thereafter the night was named as Amavasya and people started performing Shradh on this day to express gratitude to their deceased loved ones.

Rituals To Be Performed On Darsha Amavasya

  • On this day, one must wake up early and take a bath. One can also bathe in a river or a pond.
  • They then offer Jal to Lord Surya and worship Him.
  • After this one must observe a fast that goes till the tithi of Amavasya. The fast is broken after worshipping Lord Surya on the next day.
  • However, one can also break the fast after watching the moon, if it is visible. This is known as Chandra Darshan.
  • One must donate things and distribute alms among the poor and beggars. This is done to add up the good deeds of their forefathers.
  • While performing the Shradh rituals, one must do Teel daan and panda tarpan.
  • Offer black mustard seeds and oil to Lord Shani and pour water at the roots of the Peepal tree. You also need to offer black sesame seeds to Lord Shani.

Significance Of This Day

  • People observe fast on this day to help their deceased ones in attaining salvation.
  • It is believed that performing Shradh rituals on this day, yields many benefits in one's life.
  • Performing shradh rituals on this day soothe the souls of one's deceased family members.
  • It is believed that those who perform Shradh on this day gain blessings and positivity from their deceased family members.
  • It helps in eradicating negativity from one's life and bringing peace and harmony to the family.
Story first published: Friday, May 22, 2020, 12:20 [IST]
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