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Benefits Of Applying Sindoor On Main Door, As Per Vastu Shastra

Sindoor (vermillion) is considered an integral part of women who are married, as per the Hindu culture. But some such Vastu measures can also be done with vermillion as well, which removes the defects of the house and establishes peace in the house. Along with this, there is also prosperity in the family. We have curated some measures through which you too can improve your financial condition and invite happiness and peace in your home. Scroll down to know more.

Getting Rid Of Financial Crisis

Mother Lakshmi can be pleased with this remedy of vermillion and the slowdown in your business will also go away. Worship the Ekakshi coconut by applying vermillion, tying it in a red cloth, and keeping it safe at the place of your business while meditating on Goddess Lakshmi. By doing this the problem related to money will be removed.

Achieving Success In Jobs And Exams

Donating vermillion to Ganesh ji in Pushya Yoga or Guru Pushya Yoga of Shukla Paksha increases self-confidence. Doing this increases the chances of success in the examination. To get a job, write the number 63 with vermillion in a yellow cloth on the Thursday of Shukla Paksha and offer it at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi. Do this till the third Thursday, every month.

Removing Obstacles From The House

Mix vermillion and oil and apply it to the door of the house. This removes the disturbance of the house and all the defects of the house are also removed. Due to this, no negative energy can enter the house and all the problems, pain and painful energy present inside the house come out.

Pleasing Lord Shani

Lord Shani is pleased by mixing oil in vermillion. By doing this, they also protect you from all evil eyes. It is believed that by applying vermillion on the door of the house, Goddess Lakshmi is pleased.

Increasing Love Between Husband And Wife

If the love between husband and wife decreases, then through this remedy, mutual love will blossom again. Before sleeping at night, the husband must put a vermillion pad under his wife's pillow and the wife should keep two camphor cakes under her husband's pillow. In the morning, throw the vermillion out of the house and burn the camphor. With this, the love between the two will start growing again.

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