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Ananta Chaturdashi 2021: Check Out Ganesh Visarjan 2021 Date, Puja Time And Significance

One of the most significant days in the Hindu calendar, Anantha Chaturdashi marks the day when Lord Vishnu is worshipped in an endless/eternal (anant) form. On this very day, Lord Ganesha is also worshipped. This auspicious day falls on the fourteenth day (Chaturdashi tithi) of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha (bright phase of the lunar cycle in Bhadrapada month) and therefore, as per the Gregorian calendar, the festival will be observed on 19 September.

It is on this very day, people who worship Lord Vishnu and the ones who observe Vinayaka Chaturthi Puja, immerse the idol of Lord Ganesha in a waterbody and bids him farewell, which we also know as Ganesha Visarjan. Scroll down the article to know more about Ananta Chaturdashi.

Anant Chaturdashi 2021: Date And Timings

This year, Anant Chaturdashi will be observed on 19 September. The Chaturdashi Tithi begins at 5:59 AM on 19 September and ends at 5:28 AM on 20 September.

Anant Chaturdashi 2021: Puja Muhurat

The auspicious time or muhurat to perform the puja will begin from 6:08 am on 19 September and continue till 5:28 am on 20 September. Anant Chaturdashi 2021 Ganesh Visarjan timings are-

Prataha Muhurat | 7:40 AM to 12:15 PM| September 19
Madhyana Muhurat | 1:46 PM to 3:18 PM | September 19
Sandhya Muhurat |6:21 PM to 10:46 PM|September 19
Ratri Muhurat | 1:43 AM to 3:12 AM | September 20
Prataha Muhurat | 4:40 AM to 6:08 AM | September 20

Anant Chaturdashi 2021: History And Significance

The inception of Anant Chaturdashi is said to have existed since the beginning of the universe. Legend has it that Lord Vishu created Lord Brahma from a Lotus blossoming out of his navel. Therefore, the name Anant Padmanadhaswamy. There is also a temple Anant Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram (the city of Lord Ananta) in Kerala, which is dedicated to this form of Lord Vishnu.

Devotees believe that Lord Vishu is in a deep state of Yogic sleep (Yoga Nidra) during the Chaturmas period, which consists of four months- Shravan, Bhadrapada, Ashwin and Karthik. Therefore, during these months he rests on the body of Shesha Naag or Adi Shesha (his five hooded serpent) under the cosmic ocean (Kshira Sagara) for four consecutive months. Since Lord Vishu rests in a reclining position, therefore, this posture is known as Ananta Shayanam. Also, people who worship Lord Ganesha and perform his puja, carry out the Visarjan rituals on this auspicious day. This day also signifies that the arrival and departure of Lord Ganesha will go on forever. People spend this day with a lot of enthusiasm by distributing sweets and organising grand feasts.

Story first published: Saturday, September 18, 2021, 5:00 [IST]