How to Worship Shiva in the Auspicious Shravana Month

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We all have heard that Lord Shiva can be pleased with minimal offerings. We all have heard this so many times. Pleasing him becomes easier as well as vital in the month of Shravana. There are a few points which we must not forget while worshipping Lord Shiva. We have brought to you the procedure to worship Lord Shiva on a Shravana Monday. There are some rules which you must not violate and some things which you must not forget to keep in the puja tray.

The devotees must wake up early and take bath during the Brahma Muhurat on all days in the month of Shravana. Waking up in the Brahma Muhurat activates positive energies and radiates Satvika vibrations in the surroundings.

How to Worship Shiva in the Auspicious Shravana Month

One must wear white clothes on Shravana Monday. White is a symbol of peace and forgiveness, and is, therefore, very dear to Lord Shiva. We can offer him white flowers as well.

What To Keep In The Puja Tray

In the puja tray, you should have the following items:
Gangajal, ordinary water, cow milk, curd, flowers, bel patra, honey, jaggery, ghee, camphor, cotton, supari, Yogyapavit, elaichi (cardamom), cloves, paan patta (betel leaves), yellow sandalwood, dhoop, deep, dhatura, bhaang, Jalpatra, Naivedya (sweets), moli, janevu and cloth.

How To Perform Puja On A Shravana Monday

Start the puja by giving a bath to the Shivalinga. Offer water to Shivalinga while meditating on Shiva. Make sure you offer water using a copper vessel (jalpatra) only.

Now give the Panchamrit bath to Shivalinga.

Panchamrit is the mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar. Offer this mixture to the Shivalinga; this is called Panchamrit Snaan. "Panchamrit" means "five nectars", and "snaan" refers to "bath" in Sanskrit.

Next comes a Sugandh Snaan. It is given by offering Kesar Jal. Then offer sandalwood paste to mark a tilak. Now you can offer other items such as scent, janevu, moli, cloth and belpatra for the puja to begin. Now light a diya (lamp) and dhoop (incense). Make sure you offer the bel patra in five, eleven, twenty-one, fifty-one or other such sacred numbers only. It is said this eliminates the rogas (diseases) from a person's life.

Which Items To Offer To Shiva

There is a belief according to which different flowers are offered to Lord Shiva as per the wishes you want him to fulfil. Here is a list of flowers you can offer to Shiva.

Putra Prapti

To get a child as a blessing, one should offer aak and dhatura to Shiva.

Jasmine flowers help in having vehicles. Vahan Sukh is a yoga which is present in the birth chart of some people. It means that they will never face problems arising due to lack of vehicles. When we offer jasmine flowers to Shiva, he blesses us with Vahan Sukha.

Dhan Prapti (Wealth)

"Dhan" refers to "wealth" and "prapti" means achievement. Thus, for earning wealth, we should offer the lotus flower to him. Offering Shankh Pushp and Juhi flowers also help one get more wealth.


If you are facing marriage-related problems, then offering bilwa leaves can prove fruitful. Belpatra or the bilwa leaves are generally very dear to Lord Shiva. Unmarried girls offer these to Shiva in order to get their desired husband or a husband like Shiva.

Mansik Shanti (Mental Peace)

Amidst the ever-running world, mental peace seems to be the most chased thing. Shiva can give you that; you just have to offer Shefali flowers to him.

Family Disputes

If there are too many disputes and clashes in the family, then you should offer yellow kaner to Lord Shiva.

Conclude the Puja With Aarti

After having offered all these items, you should recite the aarti - Jay Shiva Omkara - and then should follow the Kshama Mantra.

The Kshama Mantra goes like this:

_Avahanam Na Janami; Na Janami Tavarhcanam_,
_Pujashraiv Na Janami; Kshamyatam Parmeshavarah_.

Do Not Forget: Another fact to be remembered is that one must never consume the items offered to the Shivalinga. The Gana (agents) of Lord Shiva are believed to have a sole right on this prasad.

Get Shiva's Blessings Using These Things

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    Story first published: Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 17:30 [IST]
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