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Sri Jagannath Stotram To Chant On The Eve Of Rath Yatra

By Subodini Menon

The Ratha Yatra of Jagannath of Puri will start on the 25th of June this year. The return of the Rath Yatra or the Bahuda Yatra will take place on the 3rd of July. On this day, the Mighty chariots of Lord Jagannath and his siblings, Balabhadra and Subhadra, will be pulled by the devotees to the destination.

Such is the excitement and fervour of the festival that the devotees throng Puri in thousands. Even the tourists find the sight of the huge religious gathering as a great event to experience.

On this occasion, we present to you the Sri Jagannath Stotram. It was first composed by Adi Shankaracharya when he visited the temple of Puri for the first time. Such is the significance of this Stotra that even Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu chanted it.

Sri Jagannath Stotram

Kadachit kalindi tatvipin sangitkavaro

muda gopinari vadankamalaswad madhup:|

ramashambhubramha amarpatiganesharchitpado

JAGANNATH: Swami nayanpathgaami bhavatu me ||1||

Bhuje svaye venum shirasi shikhipichcam katitate

dukulam netranate sahacharkataksham vidhte |

sada shreemad vrundavan vsatililaparichayo

JAGANNATH: Swami nayanpathgaami bhavatu me ||2||

Mahambhodhestire kanakruchire neel- shikhare

vasanprasadant: sahajbalbhadren balina|

Subhadramadhyasth: sakal sursewa avsardo

JAGANNATH: Swami nayanpathgaami bhavatu me ||3||

Krupa- paravar: sajal jaladshreniruchiro

ramavani somsfuradmmalpadmodbhav mukhai:

surendrau raradhya: shrutiganshikhageet charito

JAGANNATH: Swami nayanpathgaami bhavatu me ||4||

Ratharudho gachchanpathi militbhudevpatalaii:

stuti pradurbhavam pratipadmupakaranysaday:|

dayasindhurbandhu: sakal jagatam sindhusutaya

JAGANNATH: Swami nayanpathgaami bhavatu me||5||

Parbramhpid: kuvalaydalotfullnayano

niwasi neeladro nihitcharano anantshirasi|

rasanando radhasarsavpuralingansukho

JAGANNATH: Swami nayanpathgaami bhavatu me ||6||

na vai prajyam rajyam na ch kanakata bhogvibhe

na yachehm ramyam nikhiljanakabhyam varvadhum|

sada kaale kaale pramathpatina geetcharito

JAGANNATH: Swami nayanpathgaami bhavatu me ||7||

har tvam sansaram drut taramsaram surpate

har tvam papanam vittimparam yadavpate|

aho deenanatham nihitmachalam paatumanisham

JAGANNATH: Swami nayanpathgaami bhavatu me ||8||

|| iti shri Jagannath strotram sampurnam ||


Sometimes in great happiness Lord Jagannatha, with His flute, makes a loud concert in the groves on the banks of the Yamuna. He is like a bumblebee who tastes the beautiful lotus-like faces of the cowherd damsels of Vraja, and His lotus feet are worshiped by great personalities such as Lakshmi, Siva, Brahma, Indra and Ganesha. May that Jagannatha Swami be the object of my vision.

In His left hand Lord Jagannatha holds a flute. On His head, He wears the feathers of peacocks and on His hips, He wears fine yellow silken cloth. Out of the corners of His eyes, He bestows sidelong glances upon His loving devotees and He always reveals Himself through His pastimes in His divine abode of Vrindavana. May that Jagannatha Swami be the object of my vision.

Residing on the shore of the great ocean, within a large palace situated upon the crest of the brilliant, golden Nilacala Hill, along with His powerful brother Bala-bhadra, and in the middle of Them His sister Subhadra, Lord Jagannatha bestows the opportunity for devotional service upon all godly souls. May that Jagannatha Swami be the object of my vision.

Lord Jagannatha is an ocean of mercy and He is beautiful like a row of blackish rain clouds. He is the storehouse of bliss for Lakshmi and Saraswati, and His face is like a spotless full-blown lotus. He is worshiped by the best of demigods and sages, and His glories are sung by the Upanishads. May that Jagannatha Swami be the object of my vision.

When Lord Jagannatha is on His Ratha-yatra cart and is moving along the road, at every step there is a loud presentation of prayers and songs chanted by large assemblies of brahmanas. Hearing their hymns Lord Jagannatha is very favorably disposed towards them. He is the ocean of mercy and the true friend of all the worlds. May that Jagannatha Swami, along with His consort Lakshmi, who was born from the ocean of nectar, be the object of my vision.

He is the ornament of the head of Lord Brahma and His eyes are like the full-blown petals of the lotus. He resides on the Nilacala Hill, and His lotus feet are placed on the heads of Ananta Deva. Lord Jagannatha is overwhelmed by the mellow of love and He becomes joyful in the embracing of the body of Sri Radharani, which is like a cool pond. May that Jagannatha Swami be the object of my vision.

I do not pray for a kingdom, nor for gold, rubies, and wealth. I do not ask for an excellent and beautiful wife as desired by all men. I simply pray that Jagannatha Swami, whose glories are always sung by Lord Siva, be the constant object of my vision.

O Lord of the demigods, please quickly remove this useless material existence I am undergoing. O Lord of the Yadus, please destroy this vast ocean of sins which has no shore. Alas, this is certain that Lord Jagannatha's lotus feet are bestowed upon those who feel themselves fallen and have no shelter in this world but Him. May that Jagannatha Swami be the object of my vision.

The self-retrained, virtuous soul who recites these eight verses glorifying Lord Jagannatha becomes cleansed of all sins and duly proceeds to Lord Vishnu's abode.

Thus, ends the eight stanza hymn Jagannāthāṣṭakam composed by Śrimat Śaṅkarachārya.

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