How To Keep Idols In Pooja Room

By Puruvi Sirohi Singh Tara

In Indian culture a pooja room is considered to be an integral part of the house. Praying is a form of meditation that not only gives us strength but also is essential for mental and spiritual satisfaction.

How To Keep Idols In Pooja Room

In all the Hindu houses it is essential to have a pooja room. One has to follow certain rules to keep the idols in the pooja room.

Vastu Tips To Decorate Puja Room

Before we go to the discussion of how to place deities in the pooja room, it is essential to have a pooja room which follows all or most of the norms of vastu, which is considered to be the important part for the pooja room.

The first and the most essential concept before the rules to keep idols in the pooja room is the location of the room.

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Rules To Keep Idols In Pooja Room | How To Place Deities In Pooja Room | Pooja Room Idols | Pooja Room Idol Facing

The pooja room should be built in the north east corner of the house and preferably it should face either east to west or west to east.

The pooja altar should be made of wood, which can be either sandal or teak wood, with a conical top. The color of the wood should be kept natural.

The religious books should be placed in either west or south.

The pooja room should not lie above, below or next to bathroom as it emits negative energy. It is also important that the pooja room is not placed under the stairs or inside the bedroom, especially master bedroom.

The pooja room is complete only when the idols and deities are kept in the right direction.

Here are some of the essential tips that would help you in how to place the deities inside the pooja room.

Rules To Keep Idols In Pooja Room | How To Place Deities In Pooja Room | Pooja Room Idols | Pooja Room Idol Facing

Rules To Keep Idols In Pooja Room
There are idols some gods which need to be placed in the east of the house, facing west direction, in order to increase their effect and positivity in the house. These gods are:

Brhamha, Vishnu, Mahesh, Kartikeya, Indra, Surya.

Where To Place Ganesha Idol At Home?

The idols of gods that need to face north to south direction are:

Ganesh, Durga, Shodas, Matrika, Kuber, Bhairav.

It is advised not to keep the idol or photo of Lord Hanuman facing South East as they have a tendency to combine with agni (South East is Agni’s direction) which is not a good sign.

Shiva is often prayed in the form of a linga in Indian houses and it is advised to place the idol in the north direction.

Best Direction
Generally, the North East direction is extremely auspicious to place all the idols, gods and deities.

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