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Bhai Dooj 2020: Puja Vidhi And Rituals Associated With This Festival

By Staff

After the sparkling celebration of Diwali, brothers and sisters all over India get ready for the festival of Bhai Dooj. On this day, sisters apply 'tilak' on their brothers' forehead and pray for their well being. The brothers are supposed to shower their sisters with lavish gifts on this occasion. This year, the festival will be celebrated on 16 November 2020.

It is believed that on this auspicious day, the God of death, Yamaraja visits his sister, Yamuna and she welcomes her brother by applying a tilak on his forehead and so the ritual of tilak and the tilak festival are so popular. Lord Krishna had also defeated the demon Narakasura on the same day.

Bhai Dooj Aparahna Time - 01:10 PM to 03:18 PM (Duration - 02 Hours 08 Mins). Dwitiya Tithi Begins at 07:06 AM on Nov 16, 2020, and ends at 03:56 AM on Nov 17, 2020.


Bhai Dooj This Year: Dates And Muhurtam

This year Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on November 16, 2020. Let us now understand the Vidhi and the rituals associated with Bhai Dooj.Bhai Dooj Aparahna Time - 01:10 PM to 03:18 PM (Duration - 02 Hours 08 Mins). Dwitiya Tithi Begins at 07:06 AM on Nov 16, 2020, and ends at 03:56 AM on Nov 17, 2020.


Significance And The Different Names Of Bhai Dooj

Like most of our Indian festivals, Bhai Dooj is also about family bonding and sibling love. It is a chance for the brother and sister to renew their attachments. In our busy lives, we often forget to nurture our relationships. These festivals bring us closer to our near and dear ones.
In Bengal, this event is known as 'Bhai Phota' where 'Phota' means tilak. This tilak or the protective spot on the forehead is applied in order to guard the brother against any danger and negative energies. Bhai Dooj is also known as the 'Yama Dwitiya'. It is believed that anyone who receives a tilak from his sister on this day would never be put through hell.


Significant Rituals Of Bhai Dooj

There are some important rituals associated with Bhai Dooj which need to be followed. Let us take a look.
1. Brothers and sisters have to take an early bath on the day of Bhai Dooj. After which the brother must visit his sister.
2. The sister applies a tilak or tika with kumkum on the forehead of her brother reciting a mantra.
3. Then the sister has to give a coconut to the brother.
4. After that the sister has to do the aarti for her brother and pray for his long life.
5. If her brother is married, then the sister has to apply tilak on her sister-in-law's forehead as well and give her a dry coconut.
6. If her brother happens to have kids then the tilak has to be applied to their foreheads as well.
7. If someone does not have a brother then she can do a puja for the moon and follow the rituals.


Mantra To Be Chanted While Applying The Tilak

Bhratus tabaa grajaataaham, Bhunksa bhaktamidam shuvam
Preetaye yama raajasya Yamunaah Visheshatah

After chanting the mantra, pray for the long life of your brother. Another important ritual of Bhai Dooj is 'Bhagini Hastha Bhojanam' which means that the brother has to partake the meal which is prepared by the sister for him.

Thereafter, the brother gives valuable gifts to his sister as a mark of love. Taking a dip in the Yamuna river is also considered to be highly pious.

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