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    Significance Of Bhadon Amavasya


    Amavasya is the new moon day according to the Hindu calendar. Amavasya is generally celebrated as the day of new beginnings. It is the time to discard the negative thoughts and beliefs and to embrace the positive ones. Every amavasya of the year has a special significance. Many Hindus observe fast throughout the day and offer prayers.

    One such important new moon day is that of the Bhadon Amavasya. Also known as Bhadi Mawas, it is the first day of the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. It is a specially significant day for the Marwari community. On this day of Bhadon Amavasya, a huge fair is held in the town of Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan. This fair is dedicated to the deity of the place, Rani Sati Dadi ji.

    Significance Of Bhadon Amavasya

    A very interesting story surrounds this festival which makes this day even more significant. According to the popular beliefs, when Abhimanyu was killed in the battlefield of Mahabharata, his wife Uttara wanted to sacrifice her life on his pyre. However she was stopped from being a sati by Krishna as she was pregnant with Abhimanyu's child. But when Uttara was adamant to die at her husband's pyre, Krishna gave her a boon. He blessed her that her desire to be a sati would be fulfilled in her next birth.

    So, it is believed that Abhimanyu was reborn as Tandhan Das and Uttara as Narayani Bai. Narayani Bai was married to Tandhan Das and while they were returning to their village after marriage,Tandhan Das was killed by the King of the place. The newly wedded bride was disheartened. But she showed exemplary courage and took revenge on the King for killing her husband. Then she sacrificed her life by getting cremated along with her husband on his funeral pyre. Hence, her wish to be a sati was fulfilled.

    Since then, Narayani Bai came to be known as Rani Sati and she became the symbol of feminine bravery and motherhood. A 4oo-year-old temple still stands as a mark of respect for the great Rani Sati Dadi ji. Every year a sacred pujanutsav is held at the temple on Bhadon Amavasya. Worshipping Rani Sati Dadi ji on this auspicious is day is considered very fruitful. The Marwaris believe that Rani Sati was an incarnation of Goddess Durga. It is believed that if she is worshipped with pure devotion on Bhadon Amavasya, she blesses one with courage, power and prosperity.

    So, every year the Marwari community observes fast and celebrates the great sacrifice of Rani Sati with great devotion. It is said that Dadi ji bestows Her devotees with happiness and protects them against any harm. Hence, the Bhadon Amavasya has a significant importance in Hinduism.

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    Story first published: Thursday, September 5, 2013, 16:46 [IST]
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