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Ashada Masam 2022: Here’s Why Newly-Married Couples Are Separated During This Month

Ashada is the third month in a Hindu year but is considered to be quite inauspicious month. People belonging to the Hindu community consider this month to be unsuitable for organising any auspicious ceremony or initiating any new work. The month usually falls in the month of June- July. This year the Ashada month has begun on 30 June 2022 and will stay till 28 July 2022. For this entire period, people won't be organising a marriage, housewarming, Mundan or Upanayana ceremonies.

Apart from this, do you know that newly-wedded Hindu couples will also have to stay away from each other? Yes, according to some cultural and traditional beliefs, the newly married couple should not stay together during this month. To know why it is so, read this article.

Husband And Wife Are Separated In This Month

Newly-wedded couples are often separated in this month as it is believed that during the initial years of their marriage, couples must not stay together during the Ashada month. You may get to hear some vague reasons behind it. However, the truth is, during ancient days people used to believe that if newly married couples stayed together in the month of Ashada and if the girl conceives a child, then she may deliver the child during Chaitra month. Chaitra is the month of the Hindu year and it marks the arrival of the Summer season. It was believed that the newborn and the mother may face some difficulties during the chilly summer days. Therefore, it was suggested that the newly wedded couples must stay separate for the entire Ashada month.

The couples are then reconciled in the month of Sawan which comes exactly after Ashada ends.

It is also believed that a newly married woman must not stay with her mother-in-law during the Ashada month. Therefore, the newly married woman is sent to her mother's place for a month. This way the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law can work on their relationship and resolve their differences. This month allows both the women to reconsider their attitude towards each other and foster a healthy mother-daughter kind of relationship.

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