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Vyasa Gaddi Of Sage Ved Vyasa: Interesting Facts, Timings, Landscape And When To Visit

Naimisharanya is a very famous spot mentioned frequently in Indian Epic Ramayana. It is actually the place of penance of 88 thousand sages, whose darshan after visiting the Char Dham sanctifies and blesses your entire journey.

The Gaddi of Maharshi Ved Vyasa holds immense significance. On Guru Poornima Day, this place sparkles with a rich spiritual vibe that is sensed all over the place.

Vyasa Gaddi Of Ved Vyasa: Naimisharanya

Naimisharanya, which is located in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh is a veritable storehouse of sites of great historical importance. Situated around one km from Chakra Tirth in Naimisharanya, it is the second most interesting spot in the entire landscape of Sitapur. Naimisharanya is located at a distance of about 35 km from Sitapur, adjacent to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.

Surrounded by a serene forest with soothing vibes, this is situated atop a mound. It is staunchly believed that the desires of a person will immediately be heard and blessed if the devotee reads or hears Bhagavata Purana or Vishnu Sahasranama at the Gaddi. It was here that Maharshi Vyasa classified the Vedas; due to this reason, the place came to be called Vyasa Gaddi.

Vyasa Gaddi Of Ved Vyasa: The Pristine Landscape

Maharshi Vyasa is supposed to have penanced under this giant Vat Vriksh or Banyan Tree, where he wrote scriptures that grew to be historically preserved pieces that represented the age-old culture of India. The tree is over 5000 years old and finds mention in the Mahabharata, when Maharshi Ved Vyasa lived.

This tree is the real Gaddi of Maharshi Ved Vyasa. It is surrounded by temples one of which has a seat resembling a Gaddi. Maharshi Ved Vyasa temple has been built and dedicated to him, and it has a triangular pile of clothes that represents Maharshi Ved Vyasa.

An age-old star-shaped Yagnya Kund, which is now layered with ceramic tiles is the place for the Yagnya karta to sit, around which other places for other participating deities are earmarked. A shelf piled up with scriptures, which can be a knowledgeable addition to your library can be spotted. Satyanarayana Swami temple is also built around this area.

Vyasa Gaddi is the most important site in Naimisharanya where he explained the Vedas and Puranas. Gaddi means seat. There are hoardings with written information about the scriptures written here. Vyasa Gaddi is also amidst some very renowned pilgrimage centres in this area. The Gaddi was the sacred spot where Maharshi Ved Vyasa narrated the story of Satyanarayan Katha to his disciples.

Vyasa Gaddi Of Ved Vyasa: Interesting Facts

Naimisharanya is also known as Neemsar. It finds a mention even in the Satyanarayan Katha that is read with utmost devotion in the Hindu households even today. It was Maharshi Ved Vyasa that composed the four Vedas, 6 scriptures, and 18 Puranas on the banks of the Gomti river and recited it in front of the 88 thousand sages who were engaged in penance.

Manu and Shatarupa, the primordial first couple of the universe, were created by Lord Brahma in this place, who penanced right here, to gain knowledge of the Vedas and Puranas. There are Goddess Lalita Devi temple, Dev Deveshwar Nath Temple, Hanuman Garhi, Goddess Kali temple, and Chakratirth. People come here in hordes even from western countries to have the thread of vows tied on their hands for fulfilling their wishes.

Naimisharanya is located in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. The sacred site of Vyasa Gaddi remains open 24/7 for the tourists, from Sunday to Saturday and from sunrise to sunset.

Vyasa Gaddi Of Ved Vyasa: Best Time to Visit

It is ideal to visit this place in winter, which starts in October and ends in February.

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