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Thiru Adhanoor Lord Vishnu Temple: Know About The Architecture, Legend, Timings, And Significance

Around 8 kilometres from Kumbakonam, en route Thiruvaigavur, between Cauvery and Coloroon rivers, exists an age-old temple by the name Thiru Adhanoor Vishnu Temple whose presiding deity Lord Vishnu, is facing east in the sleeping posture with a measure as a pillow and palm leaf with a pin in the left hand. The divine consort for Lord Vishnu here is Kamalasini/Ranganayaki/Bhargavi Thayar.

If you are one of those who is facing frequent fire accidents at home, factories or buildings, and electrical hazards and shocks, just submit your woes to Lord Vishnu at Thiru Aadhanoor temple which is specifically known as a Parihara Sthalam (place offering remedies) to solve the problems of these kinds. One of the celebrated 108 Divya desams of India, Aadanoor, apart from Srirangam, is the place where the Thirumana pillar is positioned on either side of the lord inside the Sanctorum.

Vishnu is worshipped in the form of "Andalakkum Aiyan" and his consort is known as Goddess Bhargavi.

Thiru Adhanoor Temple: Architecture

Aadhanoor is one of the only two divya desams (the other being Srirangam) where one finds the special Thirumana Pillar on either side of the Lord inside the sanctum. This temple has a three-tiered Rajagopuram, a Pranava vimana at the top of the temple where Lord Vishnu appears visible up to the knee portion. It is said that when the feet of this Lord Vishnu becomes visible, the world gets submerged due to a destructive deluge. Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama visited this temple during Sitapaharana and her rescue. Their footprints are sculpted to prove this point.

The idol of Thirumangai Azawar is seen at the feet of the lord inside the sanctum whereas, in other temples, Alwars are positioned outside the sanctum. Alongside this idol, one can spot the sculpted figures of Kamadhenu, Brighu Rishi and Agni (Lord of Fire). Lord Hanuman is also seen with a Sudarshan chakra with his tail resting on his shoulder.

Thiru Adhanoor Temple: Legend

Thirumangai Azhwar and Lord Ranganatha

When Thirumangai Azhwar was unable to complete the construction of the Srirangam temple, due to a shortage of funds, he turned to Adhanur for help. There he met a businessman with an empty measuring bowl who told him that he was the messenger of Lord Ranganatha. He would get him what he wanted only if the service he rendered was genuine. The businessman recited Lord's name three times, and those workers who had worked honestly received their wages whereas those who had shied away from work, could not get any. Finally, the shocked Thirumangai Alwar followed this merchant up to the temple, where he saw the merchant walk his way up to the sanctum and disappear in the idol of Lord. Realizing that it was Lord Vishnu, Thirumangai Alwar was overjoyed.

Samudra Manthan

During the Samudra Manthan, Goddess Lakshmi offered Sage Bhrigu a garland which he handed over to Indra. The very next moment his Airavat (divine elephant) playfully crushed it under its feet. The angry sage cursed Indra due to which Indra undertook penance to Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi was pleased with Indra and assured him that his curse would get removed only when Goddess Lakshmi born as Bhrigu Sage's daughter gets married to Lord Vishnu. As per her promise, Goddess Lakshmi married Lord Vishnu and rid Indra of his curse. Bhrigu Maharshi installed Lord Vishnu's idol in the temple during this time.

Agni and Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva, requested Agni to rid him of the Brahmahatya dosha which he had incurred due to severing the fifth head of Lord Brahma. But Agni who could not match his expectations also incurred the sin of Lord Shiva partially undertook penance, and invoked Lord Vishnu's blessings to rid himself of this sin in this place.

Kamadhenu's penance

Kamadhenu, wanting a place in Vaikunta for herself, performed penance in this Kshetra or place. So, we can find these idols, of cow, and her daughter Nandini here sculpted in the temple premises. This place is known as Bhargava Kshetram.

Thiru Adhanoor Temple: Significance

Any Mars related dosham in the horoscope can be eradicated by praying to Lord Vishnu at Aadhanoor while gifting a saree and ghee diya to the Goddess enhances your prosperity manifold. Worshipping this temple also relieves one from the effects of Vamachar or witchcraft.

According to a legend, a Kashmiri princess was afflicted by witchcraft spells, at the time, when the temple was submerged under sand. As per the divine instructions in the dream of the king, he renovated the temple and the princess' problem vanished the next instant. The idol seems to be growing in proportion as per the observation of the insiders. He is also known to bless the devotees with academic success and prosperity.

There are two pillars in the Arthamandapa around which you must take rounds or pradakshina and then worship the head and feet of the god. This would help the devotee get relieved of his sins and get him a good spouse as well. Out of all the divya deshams, only this temple and Sri Ranganatha temple are known to have these kinds of pillars that fulfil specific wishes of the devotees. For fire and electrical hazards, all you have to do is to visit this temple and conduct rituals in order to obtain God's protection against these problems.

Thiru Adhanoor Temple: Festivals And Timings

The temple is open between 7:30 am - 12:30 pm and between 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm. A ten-day Brahmotsavam is celebrated in the Vaikashi month of May- June. The temple conducts rituals 6 times a day, in the temple as per Pancharatragama methods. Ahobila matt oversees the administration of this temple.

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Story first published: Monday, October 10, 2022, 10:17 [IST]
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