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Sawan Month 2021: Foods To Avoid During This Season

In a Hindu year, Sawan is considered to be the most auspicious month. The holy month is dedicated to Lord Shiva. People worship the deity and seek His blessings. During the entire month, the devotees of Lord Shiva observe fasts and worship Him. They offer Him various offerings and seek blessings from Him.

Devotees observe full abstinence during the Sawan month. They forbid doing certain things and consuming some foods. Today we are here with a list of food items that one must avoid during this month. Scroll down to read on.

1. Brinjal

As per the Hindu scriptures, brinjal isn't considered a pure item. It is considered to be inauspicious for religious and spiritual occasions. Not only this, but brinjal also contains lots of insects. Therefore, one must avoid having brinjals during the Sawan month.

2. Leafy Vegetable

Though leafy vegetables are considered quite good for one's health, one should avoid having it during the sawan month. Since the sawan month is dedicated to Lord Shiva, devotees are supposed to have pure and auspicious food. During the sawan month, the leafy vegetables have access to insects and germs. Moreover, the leafy vegetables contain various elements during the rainy season and this can lead to secretion of excess bile juice.

3. Onion and Garlic

You must have seen most of the people avoiding onions and garlic during the month of Sawan. Some people may relate it to non-vegetarian food but this is not the complete truth. Onions and garlic are considered to be the anger inducing food. Moreover, as per the HIndu scriptures, when deities and demons were fighting over the divine nectar that emerged from the churning of the ocean, demons Rahu and Ketu were causing massive destruction in the universe. As a result, people pleaded with Lord Vishnu to save them. Hence, after a huge fight, Lord Vishnu had to slay the demons. He slew their heads. As soon as the heads fell over the ground, onions and garlic emerged from the same spots.

4. Non-Vegetarian Food

Consuming non-vegetarian food items such as meat, chicken, eggs and fish during the sawan month is considered a bad omen in Hinduism. This is because having non-vegetarian food associates killing and then consuming of the living beings. In addition to this, since the rainy season is considered to be the breeding season, having flesh during this time can be harmful for one's health. Moreover, killing animals while they are breeding is considered a sin in Hindu culture.

5. Milk

Though milk is one of the healthiest food items that one can have, it is better to prohibit it during the sawan month. This is because having milk during the sawan increases bile juice in our body which can cause harm to us. Instead of consuming milk, one can consider curd or food items prepared using milk. In case, someone wants to have milk, then the milk should be pasteurised and boiled properly.

6. Liquor

Having liquor during the sawan month is considered to be a sin. This is because liquor induces negative energies into one's body and mind. Moreover, after having liquor one may not be in his/her senses. The person may do something dire and sinful. Therefore, the consumption of liquor should be avoiding during the sawan month.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 21:45 [IST]