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The Main Door Of The House Reveals The Nature Of The Owner


It is an often heard statement that Vastu Shastra can affect the mood of the people staying at a place. Quite true. So does that also mean that by studying the Vastu of the house, we can figure out a lot more about the people staying out there?

If a particular structure can cause changes in the mood, we should be able to guess the behaviour of the people. That is what we are going to discuss here today. Through the various types of main doors or entrances of a house, we will today predict the nature and behaviour of the owner. Check out how.



When the direction of the main door is northeast, the owner can be predicted to be a simple person, who never flaunts his achievements. He also might not like spending much.

When the door is located more towards the north east, the owner of the house is kind-hearted. He also takes specific interest in spirituality and religious affairs. Literature also attracts him and he is a man of brave heart.

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When the main door of the house is located in the east direction, right in the middle of the eastern wall of the house, then all the members of the house have one common quality that they are all driven by ambition. They dream big and want to achieve great things in life.



The south direction is not considered much good and is generally not preferred for the main door of the house. While it causes the chances of theft in the house, there are high chances of conflicts takinThe Main Door Of The House Reveals The Nature Of The Owner

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The location of the main door of the house in the southwest direction might also cause unwanted pressure and stress to the owner of the house. The tension might also be because of the poor health of the ladies in the house. When the main door is located more towards the western direction, then there are high chances that the owner of the house might become a victim to a number of serious diseases. He might also become lazy and used to unhealthy habits.



The main door of the house being located in the west makes the owner a simple but serious person in life. He thinks well before taking any decision.



The direction associated with the northwest is considered an indication that the owner of the house loves travelling and visiting new places and people. He might also be of emotional and fluctuating nature. When it is more towards the north, it might cause personal and legal problems in the life of the owner.



The main door located in the northwest indicates that the owner of the house is a person of easy-going nature. He is also a learned man who is wise and respectful.

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