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Shopping As Per The Days Of The Week


Beliefs exist that there are certain things we should not buy on some days of the week and similarly some days are considered very auspicious for buying a few items. While the former notion is believed in order not to let bad luck overpower you, the latter is done so that good luck is showered. The days of the week are associated with different deities and planets.

Items such as different metals, different colours, etc. are also associated with different deities or planets. Hence, bringing these items home or investing in them might affect your luck. Here we have brought to you a list of the items you should and should not consider for shopping as per the days of the week. Take a look.



Beginning with Sunday, it is believed that we should not buy items made of iron and not bring these items home. It is believed that it might invite poverty and bad luck. Besides this, buying items of red colour is believed to bring good luck. You can buy grains, such as wheat on this day in order to get good luck.

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Monday is not considered to be auspicious for purchasing items related to stationery or electronic appliances for communication, such as computer and mobiles. It might invite bad luck. Buying items related milk, such as all dairy products can be considered on this day. Other things which can be bought on this day are grains, especially rice and utensils as well.



Tuesday should not be considered for buying items such as shoes or things made of iron. This day is associated with Lord Hanuman, and buying things made of red colour will be auspicious for this day. We can buy items such as red clothes. You can also buy kitchen items on this day.



Wednesday is associated with Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati. Buying items such as rice, an aquarium and utensils should not be considered on a Wednesday. We should buy items related to stationery and other items related to arts and literature. It is believed to be lucky.



Thursday is associated with Brihaspati Dev. We should abstain from purchasing items related to eyes such as glasses, eyeliners, etc. and sharp objects, such as knives and scissors. Thursday is believed to be auspicious for buying electrical appliances such as computers, laptops, etc. This day can also be considered for buying property as well.



Friday is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. We should not purchase kitchen items or Puja items as well. It is believed to be auspicious if we buy items of decoration for the house or office on a Friday. We can also buy cosmetics, clothes or shoes or belts and wallets also on a Friday.



Saturday is associated with Lord Shani Dev. It is said that we should not buy items made of leather or salt, mustard seeds, mustard oil, etc. on a Saturday. Buying furniture, curtains or machines and tools on a Saturday is believed to be auspicious.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 4, 2018, 13:12 [IST]
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