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What Are The Benefits Of Feeding The Birds?


The benefit of enjoying their company is the best benefit of feeding the birds. Many birds keep wandering in search of food and water flying high under the burning Sun. Not all of them get a rich and favorable surroundings as their habitat. That is one reason their numbers seem going down so fast. Water and food are necessary for all the life forms on the earth. And more so in the hot summers.

Feeding Birds is not only is a way of helping them, but also of helping yourselves. The benefits may even extend to the family members as well, as believed in astrology. It is highly recommended to those who have some problems in their birth charts. All their problems are either removed or their ill effects are pacified. Here is a list of other benefits that are earned by feeding these innocent forms of life sharing the planet with us. You must not only feed them, but should advise others as well to do so.

Pleases Shani Dev

Feeding the birds helps to remove the graha doshas existing in the Kundali. Not only this, it also pleases Lord Shani Deva. He is said to remove all the hurdles from the person's life and helps him achieve success.

Benefits To The Health

Offering food to the birds will definitely help the birds. Besides this it also benefits the health of the person as well as his family members, as mentioned in the Hindu scriptures.

Maha Dasha Of Rahu And Ketu

If you have a Maha Dasha of Rahu and Ketu in the birth chart, feeding the birds can be the best advice for you.

Love Among The Family Members

It is believed that if you water the birds, their satisfaction brings satisfaction in your house as well. As the fights and misunderstandings among the family members get resolved, love would flourish among all the members of the family.

Helps In Buying New House

If buying own house is one of your latest wishes, it will get fulfilled soon, if you are feeding the birds on a daily basis. Even if you have already bought one and are facing difficulties in moving in, you must do this.

Helps Win Court Cases

Feeding the birds in an earthen container, will help you win court cases as well. So if you have to visit the courts very frequently, it can be because of some problem in your birth chart. Feeding the birds can help you get rid of it.

Effects On Planet Venus

Offering food and water to birds helps lessen the bad effects caused due to the wrong placement of Venus in the birth chart as well.

Earns The Blessings Of Parents

If your parents are disappointed with you or they are not talking to you, this will help win their blessings. This is one of the most recommended remedies when there are differences between the parents and the children.

Helps Get Rid Of Mental Problems

Among all the benefits mentioned above there is another very important in the current scenario of the world. Mental problems have become too common in this rapidly advancing world. Every astrologer would recommend feeding the birds as a remedy to get rid of all kinds of mental diseases, including minor tensions.

Effects On Sun

Surya Dev is the Lord of the planet Sun. He is associated with respect and success. The one who worships Him, is blessed with respect in the society. Feeding the birds pleases Lord Surya Dev.

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