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Vastu Tips For Bedrooms

Vastu Tips for Bedroom direction | क्या वास्तु के हिसाब से सही है आपका बेडरूम | Boldsky

Vastu Shastra is one of the ancient sciences consisting a number of beliefs regarding the architecture of a building or a portion of a building. It is said that even the architecture of the houses in the Indus valley civilization seemed to be following the same parameters. Probably they too, followed a concept similar to vastu.

However old this science may be, it is trusted and followed till today.
The rules say that all the ten directions mentioned in our scriptures hold a spiritual significance and are considered auspicious for some specific tasks, and inauspicious for the others. Not following these rules and designing the architecture of one's house as per one's own sweet will might result into unhealthy environment being created in the house.

Making mistakes while constructing the house, a person might end up creating troubles in his own life. Therefore, it is highly necessary to follow the Vastu and ensure peace and happiness in the house.

Vastu Tips For Bedroom

Within the house, the most important part is the bedroom, where we spend our quality time. Hence, it becomes of prime importance to follow the rules of Vastu while taking up the construction of this room. Here, we have given a list of rules, to be observed for a bedroom. Take a look.


This is the quadrant related to fire and it imparts heat in the minds of those occupying it. Therefore, a bedroom must never be constructed in this part of the house. If children occupy this room, they might not be able to concentrate on their studies. Those who sleep in this direction of the house, might not be able to take a good rest or sleep. They might develop a hot temperament and remain indulged in unnecessary arguments and fights with others. If the room is already built in this corner, try no to keep the bed in this direction of the room.

Attached Bathrooms

Attached bathrooms should only be located in the West or the North of the room. The door of the attached bathroom must remain closed. Otherwise, it leads the negative energy to enter the aura of the bedroom, thus leaving negative effects.

Colours Of The Walls

Shades of rose, blue and green may be used for the walls. However, the lighter shades are more preferable. These keep one's mind calm.

Using a marble stone in the room of a newly married couple is inauspicious.


The furniture should be placed in the South, Southwest or West direction of the room.
Bed should never be placed in the centre.

Mirrors should not be there in the bedroom. If they are there, make sure they are in the North or Northeast of the room. Otherwise, the inhabitants might have to face frequent quarrels. The mirror must also not be in the front of the sleeping area or the bed. The one on bed must not be able to see his reflection/image while sleeping.

Bedroom In Other Directions


If the bedroom is in North, it is the most auspicious for married couples. And one in the East is auspicious for children and unmarried people. Children and students can have a bedroom in the Northeast as well.


Northeast direction is associated with sacredness. A bedroom in this direction is considered inauspicious. It might pollute the whole house with negativity. Hence, try not to place the bed or the bedroom here.


The newly married couples can have a bedroom in the Northwest direction.


If the house is a multi-storeyed building, the biggest room must be constructed in the South or Southwest of the topmost floor of the house. This room can be occupied by the eldest member of the house. In case of ground floor also, the direction can be used for the same purpose. This room is known as the master bedroom.


Unmarried children can have a bedroom in this direction of the house. Studying while facing this direction is also considered very beneficial according to vastu shastra.


It is believed that a bedroom in the West leads to more girls being born in the house.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 16, 2018, 15:00 [IST]
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