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The Importance And Necessity Of Vastu

By Sreya Dutta

Vastu Shastra is briefly defined as the scientific study of the directions that aims at creating a proper equilibrium by the balance of different elements of our nature and then using these elements for the prosperity and benefit of human beings. There is a great deal of importance of this Vastu Shastra in our lives, as it paves our way to prosperity and happiness and general well-being.

Vastu Shastra might not be gravely essential for just living, but it is always highly recommended for achieving a much healthier and better life. It is a well-observed and proven science that manipulates the nature's forces to work in direct favour of us humans.

There are lots of crucial reasons as to why the vastu experts always recommend us to properly follow the vastu shastra directions like for example, not to have a south-east facing kitchen and why we should position our bedrooms in the south-eastern direction. Indian inhabitants are susceptible to the winds from the Southwest direction, and therefore kitchen being the place of regular interaction and with the impacts from the Southwest winds, there might be chances of fire amplifying in the kitchen that might prove to be harmful.

But, on the other hand, our bedrooms are the places where we spend lots of time sleeping, relaxing or resting. Thus, proper air circulation in the bedrooms aids in a happier and healthier mindset and life. Hence, it is always advised to have your bedroom facing in the south-east direction.

Vastu calculates scientific things like the degree of wind, rainfall, sunrise and sunset in order to identify the most ideal way to build or construct a home or house. If your house faces the northern direction, then all the effects of the adverse harmful UV sun rays on your house's threshold, where the members of your house or guests might assemble, might be highly minimized.

In a similar way, an eastern direction facing house might have a better advantage of being wholly graced by the beautiful rays of the warm rising sun that brings life and positivity along with essential nutrients and vitamins.

Vastu is not at all a pseudoscience or a superstition in any way. It is actually a rather clever set of scientific principles that have been put together by our very intelligent and wise ancestors in an attempt to bring some more betterment into our daily lives.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

We have listed some of the benefits that might come in your way by following Vastu Shastra properly, in order to attain a prosperous and healthy life:


Money is well known as that common denomination that facilitates us in getting by or getting us what we want, materialistically speaking, in this fancy and material world. And, sometimes, these days, money might also buy you fun and happiness, though various things and in various and different forms.

Vastu Shastra might help you in this, as a vastu compliant home might help you attract more money to your life. There might be an exponential growth of riches or your salary or just cash. If used properly, Vastu might help you get past an initial happy stage and onwards too with money starting to flow in regularly in your life.

Financial Security

Finance is always the soul and the heart of every business from small to big ones. Vastu might help you attract the right support that you might be looking for or just the right investor in your financial journey and you might end up getting the best from the financial markets or institutions. Once you start to follow all the right Vastu Shastra principles for your business or organisation, you might get fruitful and secure finance in your business or company, which might resolve lots of issues in your work life.

New Opportunities

Vastu Shastra can also help one seek or know how to seek those new opportunities that they want or dream of. If you ever feel that you might be stuck somewhere in life or when it comes to chances, you might not be satisfied with your work life or your job and want to find the one that might go better with your knowledge and skill set, or you just feel the want to expand your life's horizons, then Vastu Shastra is something that you absolutely need in your life. You can try it and see what new encounters or opportunities life might hit you with before you even know.

Bonds And Relationships

The purpose of creating or making a home is obviously for maintaining proper family bonding as well as building some healthy relationships that in order leads to a successful and content life. Vastu Shastra has proven to be deeply beneficial for restoring the harmony in relationships as well as for proper family bonding.

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Joy And Happiness

The source of happiness and eternal joy lies inside and within one alone, but because of other external or environmental factors, one might not be able to feel happiness in a complete way. When you follow and apply vastu shastra properly and carefully at your home or work place, you can then start reconnecting to those sources of happiness and joy stored up within you.

Important Tips form the Vastu Shastra

We have also listed some of the most important tips from the Vastu Shastra briefly that, if followed, will help you to lead prosperous and happy lives:

1. Adults should always sleep with their heads faced towards the southern direction.

2. Children should always sleep with their heads faced towards the eastern direction.

3. Copper vessels should always be used for storing water.

4. If the northern zone of your house is blocked in any way, it might block prosperity.

5. You should never hang pictures or images of animals fighting, trees without any flowers or fruits, or dead animals inside your house.

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