Sudden Hair Fall-An Indication Towards Changing Future

By Ishi

Yes, you read it right! Hair fall indicates a change in your life in the coming years. The kind of hair you have and the sudden change in its quality can tell you a lot about your near future. Read on to know more.

The texture of one's hair is largely determined by one's diet. Hair fall often happens because of changing seasons, changed water qualities but sometimes you might experience hair fall despite a good diet.

Sometimes, the reasons might even be a tension constantly worrying you, at the back of your mind. However, another hidden cause can be some changes in your near future.

Sudden Hair Fall- Implications

The secret to all this has been mentioned in the Samudrik Shastra. Let us explore what Samudrik Shastra actually says about one's hair type and texture.

Less Hair

Samudrik Shastra says there can be two cases of having less hair. The first one is having less hair by birth. This is not considered good. It means that the person will have to suffer from health issues throughout his/her life. Such people are rarely healthy enough.

They do not complete a responsibility and might leave the undertaken task half done. They might have to work hard a lot. However, the conditions might improve if they start taking the work seriously. They do have the ability to do so.

The second case is when you are experiencing too much hair fall. This indicates good luck in the near future. If you are not able to control the excessive hair loss by any means, it is time to get happier. This sudden hair loss means you are going to get luckier.

Baldness From The Middle Of Your Hair

When men experience baldness, it is indicated that they are going to get richer in the coming years and success is approaching them. Reducing hair from the middle of the head means a permanent wealth.

Wealth is going to stay with you for a long time. You will get to see positive changes in life. All kinds of wellness and happiness are going to surround you, is what is mentioned in the Shastra.

Hair Loss From The Sides Of The Head

Hair loss from the sides, such as near the forehead, indicates that you will get success for sure, but it might take you time to achieve it. If there is hair at the top of the head, but you are losing them from the sides, this means you might not be able to enjoy the fruits of your success.

However, it can mean that the late success will be a boon for your future generations. They can earn good wealth and the success which continues is not for one but for many future generations together. This means that the person will be able to earn, but for his future generations.

Split Ends

Split ends can mean that the person will be confused always and will not be able to easily arrive at a decision. This might lead to success coming their way much late. It also indicates poor health.

Thin Hair/Thick Hair

About those having thin hair, Samudrik Shastra says that they might be generous, kind, loving, reserved and sensitive. And those with thick hair strands possess good health and are full of life and energy.

Dry And Rough Hair/Soft And Shiny Hair

If your hair has started becoming dry and rough, and is losing its shine, the reason might be the difficulties in the coming days. On the other hand, sometimes the hair starts gaining strength and shine and becomes silky.

This sudden positive change in the hair indicates towards the approaching positiveness and success in one's life.

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