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How Should The Stairs Of The House Be According To Vastu Shastra?


According to Vastu Shastra, the stairs of the house can make you reach great heights in life. What is needed is the correct rules which have been mentioned in the Vastu Shastra. The stairs should not be located towards the east.

It is said that such a location of the stairs gives rise to a lot of conflicts among the family members in the house. Here are some more of the most important Vastu rules regarding the staircase of the house. Take a look.


Items Under The Staircase

Any item of use should not be kept underneath the stairs. While many people use this space under the staircases for placing their lockers also, most people use this space for keeping the dustbin. However, neither should be placed in this place. A shoe rack under the stairs leads to negativity in the house and a lot of conflicts.

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Rooms Under The Staircase

1. Puja room

The Puja room or the artificial temple kept for worshipping the deities should also not be constructed under the stairs. It leads to monetary losses if the temple is located in this place.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen should not be there under the staircase as well. It is said that if the kitchen is constructed under the stairs, the family members face a lot of health-related problems.

3. Bathroom

While there can be a bathroom under it, make sure a leaking tap is not there, whether inside the bathroom or without it.


Ideal Directions

While going up the stairs a person should be heading towards the west or south and, similarly, while going down the stairs, he should be facing the north or east direction.

The stairs should not be located in the centre of the house. Moreover, the staircase should not begin from or end towards the kitchen, puja room or storeroom. It is better if the stairs start from the direction of the entrance and head in the direction of a room.


Space Under The Stairs

It should not be dark in the space under the stairs. It should not be cluttered either. A well-lit and organised space under the staircase is preferred as per Vastu Shastra.


Damaged Staircases

If there are cracks or damages in the stairs, it indicates problems between couples staying in the house. Hence, these should be repaired as soon as possible.


A Room Beside The Stairs

No room should be constructed near the staircase. A room beside the stairs should not be used as a living room by the family members. It can be used as a guest room. The stairs going up should not lead to a godown. Godowns in the basement can have stairs.


Number Of Stairs

The number of stairs should be either 5, 11 or 17. If the stairs constructed already have an even number, we can add one later.

Story first published: Friday, December 7, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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