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Vastu Tips For Money Plant


Money plant is one of those indoor plants which are believed to be very auspicious for the house. While it ensures the flow of positive energy in the house, it is also said that this plant helps us become wealthier.

However, in order that we get its best benefits and prosperity comes in the house, we need to follow some Vastu tips for money plant. Here are some tips which you should know in order to let the good effects of the plant to keep coming. Take a look.


It Needs Protection

A beautifully grown-up money plant should never be brought before people's eyes. Which means it should never be kept at such a place that outsiders or those entering the gates can see it from afar. Inside the house also, you should keep it in some remote place. A money plant easily gets affected by evil eyes, and hence it needs protection.


Dried And Drooping Leaves Inauspicious

A money plant which has some dead leaves should not be kept in the house. Drooping and dead leaves of a money plant indicate towards monetary problems in the house. Drooping and dried leaves bring negativity in the house. Moreover, the plant or any part of it should not touch the ground. This might cause tensions in the house.


Direction Considered Most Auspicious

While we all know that the water in which it is kept should be changed once a week and that it should be kept away from sunlight, it is also important to know the right direction for the plant to be kept. We should keep the plant in the south-east direction which is considered most auspicious for it.


Some More Rules To Ensure Positive Energy

Many people grow it in the garden or at other such places and do not keep it inside the house. Here it is necessary to know that a money plant gives benefits only when it is kept inside the house. Do not forget that there should be absolute cleanliness in the areas surrounding the plant.

Story first published: Thursday, November 29, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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