Lord Kubera -The Treasurer Of The Gods


Depicted with a plump body, adorned with jewels, and carrying a money pot and a club, Lord Kubera is considered as the God of Wealth and the Treasurer of the gods. He is regarded as the regent of the North and the protector of the wealth. Lord Kubera is a known and revered figure not only in Hinduism, but also Buddhism and Jainism as well. Today, we are going to share the information about Lord Kubera's life and how he acquired Godhood. Read on.

Gunanidhi - The Gambler

Once there lived a religious Brahmin named Yagyadatt. Yagyadatt had a son, named Gunanidhi, who had taken up many bad habits. While the father was a lover of humanity, the son was a rude, ill-mannered boy. He made no good use of time despite his father's continuous rebukes and scoldings. One day, tired of his nuisance, Yagyadatt told his son to leave the house.

Lord Kubera

Gunanidhi Takes Up Theft

The boy, left with no other option, left the place and decided to take up theft as the way of life, since he knew nothing in order to earn a decent living. Thus, the gambler now became a thief as well.

Once while going for theft, he stopped near a temple in a town. The beautiful temple attracted him as a a store of treasures in the soft light of the moon. It was a temple of Lord Shiva. Since there was no lights inside, he tore a piece of cloth from his tattered rags and made a wick. He burnt the wick in a lamp and used it for lighting.

However, before he could steal anything, the temple authorities got to know, who recognized him and made him a captive. When he was taken to the king for court proceedings, he was given a death sentence.

The thief Gunanidhi burst into tears tired of the miseries in his life. He regretted of not having learned anything though he had the precious time, knowledge as well as wealth of his father.

Gunanidhi Reaches Hell

It is believed that after death, Gunanidhi was taken to the hell by the agents of Yamraj, the lord of death. However, it is also believed that since he had lighted a lamp before Lord Shiva before his death, it earned him a virtue, and by Shiva's grace, he was born as Dam, the son of King Arindam.

Gunanidhi Reborn As Arindam

It is said that Dam was a religious boy and he remembered the events of his past birth as Gunanidhi. When he grew up and king Arindam had died, Dam was made the new king. After taking up all the responsibilities of the kingdom, a time came when Dam realized the reason why nature made him remember those events of his past life.

His heart was filled with gratitude and devotion for Lord Shiva, who saved him from the hell to give him another chance as a human being. He had decided that he would make the best possible use of this life.

He ordered the construction of temples of Shiva in the whole kingdom, and that all the men and women must light lamps before Lord Shiva.

As per his orders, prayers started being offered to Lord Shiva every day not only in the temples but houses as well. The kingdom seemed not less than an abode of Lord Shiva.

It is said that misery, plight and sufferings vanished from that place and the people lived a happy life forever. King Dam died and the kingdom remembered him for ages.

King Dam Born As Vishravan

The same king is believed to have been born as Vishravana, the son of Vishrava and the grandson of Pulastray. Pulastray is believed to be the son of Lord Brahma. Vishravan worshipped Lord Shiva through a hard penance and attained the position of Kubera, the treasurer of Gods, whom Lord Shiva considered his friend.

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    Story first published: Thursday, June 14, 2018, 14:45 [IST]
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