Know If You Can Wear An Emerald


We often visit astrologers to know which gemstone would help us achieve heights of success, which one will bring peace and happiness and wearing which can pacify the ill effects caused due to Graha Dosha .

However, ignoring these aspects, if a person chooses the wrong gemstone, he might end up getting himself in a trouble. So, the best way is to always consult someone who can guide you, so that you do not end up making a mess with your life.


Here, we are discussing who can wear the Emerald. Read on to check out if you can wear it or not.
The beautiful gemstone with an emerald luster, is it made for you? Well, check it out here!

Planet mercury is considered prince among all the planets. Emerald helps in exhibiting all the positive characteristics of this planet.


Aries have the Mars as the ruling planet. Since mercury is not the friend of the planet Mars, therefore those with the sun sign Mars must not wear it without getting their birth chart checked. So, for Aries, if in the birth chart the planet Mercury is sitting in the third, seventh, or the ninth house, they may wear it.


Mercury holds strong houses in the birth chart of the descendants with the Sun sign Taurus. It also holds a good compatibility with this planet. If those with this sun sign wear this gemstone, they are sure to get good wealth, success and healthy social environment around them. It is highly good if the positioning of the planet is in the first, second, fifth, ninth and the tenth house.


Coming to the Geminis, for whom it is the Mercury planet that rules, they can benefit from almost all the benefits that are delivered by Emerald. It will increase the confidence, build the immunity and improve the health of the bearer. Mercury in the first, fourth, fifth, ninth and eleventh houses will benefit them even more.


For those with the sun sign Cancer, emerald is not auspicious. They can wear it only when an important phase of Mercury is going on in their birth chart, that too after consulting the astrologer for a reference to the positioning of the planet. They can only wear it when the Mercury is placed in the third, fourth, seventh or eleventh house.


Panna or the Emerald will prove beneficial for the Leos, it will help in increasing their wealth, considering the positioning of Mercury. The positioning of the planet Mercury in the second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleventh house will benefit them.


Virgos must wear it. Panna for them will help in getting all the good luck in life. This is so because Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury has a sufficient control over their life.


Even for Libras, the stone will get good results. In case of this sun sign, the planet is placed in the twelfth house, which indicates positive results. However, if the wearer is in the export/import business along with the positioning of the planet in the twelfth house, he must always try the stone for three days and only after that, it should be worn permanently.


The Scorpios should also wear the stone when there is the Mercury major phase in their life as per the birth chart. They can wear it during that time. As planet Mercury is not compatible with the Lord of this Sun Sign, planet Mars.


Those with the Sagittarius sun sign can wear Emerald if the positioning of the Mercury is in the first, seventh, ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses. They can wear it when going through a major Dasha of Mercury.


If the Mercury is placed in the first, second, fifth, ninth, or tenth house for those with Capricorn as their sun sign, wearing this gemstone will bring very good results to the bearer.


For those with the sun sign Aquarius, if the positioning of this planet is the strongest in the first, fourth, fifth or ninth house, the results can be good. They are benefited with good public relations, knowledge and speculative profits.


People with Pisces as their sun sign can wear this gemstone only if the planet Mercury is placed in the forth, seventh, tenth, or eleventh house in order to get good results.

Things To Keep In Mind

Along with all the reference points mentioned above, one must keep in mind that this gemstone must always be worn in the little finger of the working hand only. One must also not wear the Emerald with red Coral, Natural Pearl or Ruby.

Yet another fact to remember is that it should be worn on a Wednesday, in Uttarphalguni, Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati constellations.

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