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    Items Associated With Goddess Saraswati That We Should Keep In Our House


    Goddess Saraswati is the goddess of wealth. Keeping her idol among the idols of all other Gods is believed to help the students excel in academics. She is the goddess of knowledge and blesses her devotees with eternal wisdom. She removes the darkness of unawareness and showers intellect upon the devotees. That is why keeping her idol in the puja room is considered to be very auspicious.

    However, there are certain items, keeping which in the house helps please the Goddess and get her blessings soon. According to Vastu, keeping these things in the study room of the students is considered to be beneficial for children.

    Read on to know what those items are.

    Symbols Of Goddess Saraswati That We Should Have In Our House

    The Idol Of Goddess Saraswati

    An idol of Goddess Saraswati provides light to the mind and guides the soul on the path of learning. Even a fool becomes intelligent after accepting her as the mother. Also known as the Goddess of the Vedas, she helps to achieve success in life. Keeping an image of hers helps in increased concentration and provides dedication for achieving success.


    A Veena

    Goddess Saraswati is often depicted with a Veena. This instrument is very dear to the Goddess of music. She is believed to lead our intellect on the right path. Keeping a Veena in the house helps in maintaining peace in the house. This also helps to increase the creativity in children.


    A Swan

    Every god or goddess is depicted with a mount which signifies the traits that are dear to the deity. A swan is the mount of Goddess Saraswati. A swan symbolizes peace and positivity. Keeping the image or idol of a swan is also considered very auspicious. This helps in improving the concentration of the children and thus improving their performance in studies. It helps acquire knowledge and peace.


    Peacock Feather

    Peacock feather is considered very auspicious in Hinduism. It is associated with not just Goddess Saraswati but Lord Krishna and Lord Kartikeya as well. It is often kept by students inside their books. Doing so is believed to enhance the knowledge of a student. It is also believed to increase the learning capacity. A peacock is considered very pure at heart. It is said a peacock feather helps to get rid of negativity and thus helps to increase concentration.


    Lotus Flower

    A lotus flower is associated with Goddess Lakshmi as well as Goddess Saraswati. It also symbolizes peace and acquisition of knowledge. Just as a lotus blooms amidst the mud and adds beauty to the environment, it signifies the importance of self knowledge and provides the light of guidance to others thereafter.

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