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Kalash Sthapana Vidhi For Shardiya Navratri 2018


Shardiya Navratri will begin from October 10 and will continue until October 18. These nine days of Navratri are considered to be one of the most auspicious days to please mother Goddess. She bestows good luck and prosperity in the lives of her devotees who worship her during these days.

The celebration continues for nine days, wherein all the nine forms of the Goddess are worshipped differently. Devotees observe fasts, and worship one form of the Goddess on each day. The ritual of Ghat/Kalash Sthapana takes place on the first day. It is necessary to perform this ritual before beginning the fasts.

Here, we have brought to you the details of the Shardiya Navratri Ghat Sthapana Vidhi. Take a look.


Items Required

1. A small earthen pot as Kalash

2. A piece of red cloth

3. A coconut

4. A piece of sacred red thread (moli)

5. Barley seeds (Jo)

6. A round earthen pot for sowing the barley seeds in

7. Some soil or compost for sowing the seeds

8. Betel leaves

9. Mango leaves

10. Rice

11. Flowers

12. Gangajal

13. Vermilion

14. Yagyopavit (Janeu - a white thread of cotton)

15. Betel nuts

16. Earthen lamp

17. Incense sticks

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Kalash Sthapana Vidhi

1. Take a wooden stool of a height of about three-four inches from the ground. Cover it with a red or yellow cloth.

2. Place a spoonful of rice in the centre.

3. Spread these rice grains and make Ashtadal Kamal with these, as shown in the video.

4. Now take the earthen Kalash and place it on these rice grains.

5. Tie a moli thread around the neck of the Kalash.

6. Make a Swastik on the Kalash as shown in the video. Now, put a betel nut (supari), rice grains, flower and some sand inside the Kalash.

7. Add about a bowl of Gangajal in the Kalash.

8. Fill it up with water up to the brim.

9. Cover the Kalash with mango leaves.

10. Now, take a bowl with some rice grains in it. Place this bowl of rice on the Kalash.

11. Now, take a coconut and cover it with a red cloth, tying the cloth and coconut with a moli thread.

12. Place this coconut on the rice bowl kept above the Kalash, as shown in the video.

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Kalash Pujan

1. Sprinkle water four times over this Kalash, as shown in the video.

2. Take a piece of moli and place it over the coconut.

3. Offer Yagyopavit (upanayan) on the Kalash.

4. Sprinkle water once more after offering the Yagyopavit.

5. Put a mark of vermilion and akshat (whole grains of rice) on the Kalash as well as the coconut, as shown in the video.

6. Now, keep a flower on and in front of the Kalash. Offer a Pushpamala as well to the coconut.

7. Keep some sweet before the Kalash as bhog, as shown in the video.

8. Offer some incense sticks before the Kalash.

9. Now, light a lamp and offer the aarti to the Kalash.

10. Now, with some flowers in hand, offer prayers to it.

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Jo Sthapana

1. Take the round earthen vessel (one like a plate or tray), and put some soil on it.

2. Mix some barley seeds (jo) with the soil.

3. Sprinkle water four times on this earthen tray, as shown in the video.

4. Add little water to moisten the barley seeds, so that they sprout up well by the ninth day.

5. On the brim of this vessel, put vermilion marks at equal distances.

6. Now, tie a sacred thread (moli) around the vessel.

7. As shown in the video, place a flower before the vessel.

8. Take a betel leaf in your hands, with some flowers and two cloves on it and place it near the Kalash as shown in the video.

9. Thus, the Kalash Sthapana for the Navratri fast can be done.

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