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Fulfil Your Wishes By Offering These Things To Lord Hanuman

By Ishi

Lord Hanuman was born to Anjani as a blessing from Lord Shiva. In fact, it is said that he was the incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. Anjani was a celestial dancer who was sent to earth as a human being by Lord Brahma. She fell in love with Kesari and got married to him, after which Hanuman was born as their son.

The word Hanuman means the one who has a disfigured jaw. According to one story, Lord Indra, the lord of weather had caused such a thunderbolt that Hanuman's jaw got disfigured. Hence, his name Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman is today worshipped as an ardent devotee of Lord Rama, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth. It is said that he wards off all the evils from the lives of the devotees. To get rid of all kinds of negative energies, especially the fear of evil spirits, prayers are offered to Lord Hanuman.

Not just this, worshipping him fetches the blessings of Lord Shiva as well as Shani Dev. There are some items which when offered to Lord Hanuman pleases him soon. Take a look.


Jasmine Oil

It is said that pleasing Lord Hanuman is as easy as pleasing Lord Shiva. However, the devotee should hold no malice towards anyone. Jasmine oil is one of the most popular measures adopted to please this son of Anjani and Kesari (also known as Pawan). Along with this, a vermilion tunicle can also be offered to please him soon.



A story goes according to which Lord Hanuman once saw Goddess Sita wearing vermilion as sindur in her hair (the symbol of marriage worn by women at the beginning of the middle parting of hair). Upon inquiring from her about the purpose of wearing this vermilion mark, he came to know that the mark symbolised devotion to one's lord. Hearing this, Lord Hanuman covered his entire body with vermilion. Since then vermilion is offered to Lord Hanuman.

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Wheat And Jaggery

People in most parts of North India offer different items made with wheat and jaggery in order to please Lord Hanuman. On a Purnima day, special puja is offered to Lord Hanuman and food is offered to him. It is especially done by those who worship him as the Kul Devta (the family deity who is worshipped as the deity of the entire clan for ages). Items made with wheat and jaggery are one of his favourite items.

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While among the Tithis (Indian names for the days of the month) a Purnima is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the Tuesdays of the days of the week are also dedicated to his worship. It is said that one should take a Brahma Snaan (the name given to the bath taken between 4:00 am and 6:00 am) and offer rice as well as coconut after performing the panchopchar ritual at a temple of Lord Hanuman.


Red Flag

Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa is one of the best methods of getting the blessings of Anjani putra Hanuman. Its benefits include a sharper memory and awakening of the sixth sense of the reciter. One should recite Hanuman Chalisa every day or at least on a Tuesday and offer a saffron or red flag to him on a Purnima at a temple.

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