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Follow These Simple Vastu Tips To Ensure The Flow Of Positive Energy In Your House


Vastu Shastra, practiced in many religions and cultures around the globe, is one of the ancient traditional methods of balancing of the energies that keep radiating in the environment. It is done through architecture. The construction of a building or a structure determines which direction it receives energy from and which direction it radiates energy into.

The energy that is contained within the structure or the building affects the things kept in and around it.

vastu tips

The energy radiating in the environment affects our moods. Mood in turn affects our mind and the work that we do.

Therefore, to ensure that only the positive energy flows around us, we must always keep in mind few tips at the time of construction of the house.

Within the house, it is the kitchen, which is the most important. Since food is the basic requirement, it is necessary that the food which we consume contains positive radiations.

Here is a list of things that you must keep in mind while deciding the design of your kitchen. Have a look.

Direction Of The Kitchen

The kitchen must always be constructed in the South East direction in order to ensure the flow of positive energy. If it is in the Northeast direction, it will cause the flow of negative energy. If it lies in the Southwest, it might cause quarrels and differences of opinion among the family members. Kitchen in the Northwest direction becomes a reason for too many expenditures. If it is in the north direction, it causes unexpected and uncontrolled expenditures. So, the best direction for the kitchen is the South East.

Rooms Above Or Below Kitchen

The kitchen must also not lie under the toilet or even above it. That brings negativity and impurity in the food. If the kitchen is located under or above the puja room, or puja grih, it also becomes inauspicious. The kitchen should not be under or above the bedroom.

Colour Of The Walls

Black colour for the kitchen wall must be avoided. You can use yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red colours instead.

Direction While Cooking

One should not cook while facing in the South direction. It leads to monetary losses. Even cooking while facing the west direction causes health issues to the cook or the other members of the family. Cooking should be done while facing the East direction.

The Kitchen Door

The door of the kitchen must be either in the North East or West wall. It should not be in the corners.

Placing The Refrigerator

The refrigerator must not be kept in the Northeast direction. It can be placed in the South East, South West or the North direction.

Placing The Gas Burner/Stove

The gas burner or the stove should not be placed in front of the entrance. It should be placed in the South East direction of the kitchen and should be placed a few inches away from the wall.

Other Items

South or the West directions must be occupied by the grains, spices, salts and other such items.

Containers of water or vessels for drinking water should be kept in the South. The lighter items can be placed in the North or the East. Sink should be set up in the Northeast. East and West directions can be used for the exhaust fans. East and the North directions should be occupied by the lightweight things.

The Dining Table

The direction Northwest or the West is the best for the dining table.

Ensure Cleanliness

You must always keep the kitchen clean. The sink should not be loaded with uncleaned utensils. It brings curses to the family members, especially the one who cooks the food or the ladies in the house.


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