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Choose The Colours Of The Walls As Per Vastu Shastra


Vastu Shastra prescribes some rules for the colours of the walls of the house also. One can ensure positivity in the entire house by following these rules. According to it, only the lighter shades should be used for the walls of the house. A white colour should ideally be chosen for the roof and the walls should not be painted in white. Almost all the pastel colours of lighter shades can be used as a source of positive energy and auspiciousness. Similarly, neutral colours can also be chosen for the walls of the house in order to maintain peace and happiness, says Vastu.

Can We Choose The Colours Of The Walls As Per Vastu?

It says that the colours of the walls also impact the thoughts and emotions of the people around. Here we have brought to you a list of the best colours that can be chosen for a happy life. Take a look.


Red Colour

Red colour symbolises passion, materialism, bravery, drama, emotions etc. This colour can be chosen for the walls of theliving room. It symbolises hunger also, which is why some restaurants following Vastu Shastra have red coloured walls. It brings an urge for professional growth and materialistic happiness.


Blue Colour

This colour symbolises the sky as well as water. Both are associated with peace and freedom. Besides these two elements, it represents beauty, emotions, truth, kindness and spirituality. This colour helps to reduce and remove pain and suffering. Light shades of it create such positive energy which helps in healing and recovery. Choose it for the larger walls of the house, though only the light shades of blue should be used. This colour should not be used for the small rooms of the house, especially the dark shades of it. However, avoid using this colour for the walls of your office, shop or factory.


Green Colour

Green colour symbolises healing and fertility, peace, progress and nature. It is often also associated with one's previous life and its memories. It is also believed that it pacifies anger and sorrow. Vastu Shastra says that it should be used for the walls of the room if a lot of arguments are spoiling the life of a couple. Green colour will bring harmony between them, says Vastu.


Orange Colour

Orange colour symbolises determination, aim, focus, achievements and patience. It should be used for the rooms of those who are suffering from depression or those under stress. Those not able to achieve success despite thebest effortsshould also choose this colour for the walls of the room. However, only a limited use of this colour has been prescribed.


Purple Colour

Purple is the colour of self-respect, prosperity and balance in life. It is generally prescribed for men's rooms. Those suffering from low self-confidence can also use this colouring. This colour will make them focus on their achievements and thus help in increasing their confidence.


Brown Colour

Brown colour is the symbol of satisfaction and stability in life. It represents the earth element of nature. Brown colour is often associated with men. However, it can be used by anybody aspiring for peace, happiness and stability in life.

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