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Lord Ganesha Idols: Things To Keep In Mind While Buying One For Ganesh Festival


Ganesh Chaturthi is just a few days away. The markets are full of Ganesha idols. Decorated beautifully, these idols add colours to the market and attract a lot of Ganesha devotees tempting them to buy each one of the beautifully decorated idols.

Ganesha Chaturthi, a highly celebrated festival, primarily of the Hindus, is observed every year on the fourth day of the bright fortnight for a period of ten days. The idol of Lord Ganesha is set up in the puja room and he is offered prayers daily for ten days, after which the idol is immersed in running water.

However, we need to keep certain things in mind while buying the idol of Lord Ganesha. Take a look.


Sitting Ganesha Or Standing Ganesha?

A variety of Ganesha idols are available in the market. The sellers emphasise the benefits of each. However, for keeping at home, an idol of sitting Ganesha should be used. We can use an idol of standing Ganesha for the office. While a sitting Ganesha brings financial stability and helps avoid misuse of money, an idol of standing Ganesha helps in professional growth.


Direction Of Ganesha's Trunk – Left Or Right?

One of the major confusions while buying Ganesha's idol is regarding the direction of the trunk of Ganesha. While little Ganesha looks equally beautiful in both, both of them cannot be used for the puja. The trunk of Ganesha should be bent to the left and only such an idol is considered auspicious for the puja.


A Mouse And A Modak

Lord Ganesha is often depicted with a little mouse. This mouse is the mount of Lord Ganesha. In most of the portrayals, this mouse is seen eating a modak kept at the feet of God. Modak also is the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesha. An idol in which a mouse and modak are present should be selected.


Material Used For The Idol

The idol to be used may be made of any material such as clay, POP or any metal. Chemicals should not be used for its construction. However, it is the best when the idol is made at home using clay and soil. Mainly the idols made of POP are used. It is said that Ganesha made using wood, should not be used for any puja. In fact, it should not be kept in the puja room.


The Colour Of The Idol

The colour of the idol also matters while choosing a Ganesha for this festival. Vermilion coloured Ganesha should be used for it. The idol might be made of white colour as well. Such an image helps to bring peace into the house. It is said that wishes are fulfilled sooner if Ganesha idols of these colours are used during Ganesha Chaturthi puja.

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