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Best Days Of The Week Auspicious For Different Tasks

By Ishi

We always look for an auspicious time while beginning an important task. We believe that something done keeping in mind the auspicious timings becomes a success.

We have even heard that different days of the week are auspicious for performing different tasks. Vastu Shastra also advocates the same philosophy. Here we have brought to you a list of best days of the week auspicious for different tasks. Take a look.



Well, a Sunday is super auspicious for those who want to begin an arts-related work. In fact, any task related to this field can be started on a Sunday, in order to achieve success. You can consider this day for starting a career in the field of arts, such as that related to paintings, handcraft, etc. You can begin a school of arts. You can also consider a Sunday if you want to begin with your own studies or a course in the same field.



Lord Shiva and Chandra Dev are whom this day is dedicated to. Hence, you can consider this day for wearing gemstones. Astrology says that the gemstones should be worn only after considering an auspicious day and time of the day. So Vastu Shastra adds that Monday can be chosen when you wear a gemstone for the first time. Moreover, the day is also considered auspicious for all religious tasks.



Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Anything that involves physical effort or involves risks can be considered on this day. Tuesday is also auspicious for monetary affairs as well. Dealing with matters related to the share market, property, etc. on this day can prove to be beneficial. One should not take a debt on a Tuesday, lest it becomes difficult for him to pay back.

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Wednesday can be considered for beginning with a new job. If the previous job could not offer you much progress, you can begin the new one on a Wednesday. It will help attain higher progress. Moreover, the day is believed to be auspicious for beginning an all-new business.

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Anything related to education can be started on a Thursday. There are more chances of success if you begin with educational as well as spiritual matters on this day. One should always refrain from borrowing or lending money in order to avoid financial problems later.



Stuck in legal affairs? Consider a Friday to go for all legal matters. Friday can be considered for matters related to education as well. For all matters related to farming such as sowing, harvesting, etc. can also be begun with on a Friday.



All affairs related to medicine can be dealt with on this day. It is dedicated to Shani Dev; hence, besides being auspicious for performing various remedies, you can deal with all the matters related to health and medicine as well on a Saturday.

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