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6 Types Of Laughing Buddha For 6 Different Wishes


We try different measures to bring good luck and happiness in the house. From offering prayers every day to visiting temples and then adopting various Vastu tips, all these are done so that happiness prevails in the house forever. Keeping a Laughing Buddha in the house is also considered to be very auspicious for good luck and prosperity.


Keeping a Laughing Buddha on the office desk helps keep a clear mind and protects one from enemies. The statue of Laughing Buddha should never be kept in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the floor or near electrical appliances. It should be placed at a height of 30 inches at least from the floor. However, it is said that there are 6 types of Laughing Buddha for fulfilling 6 different wishes. Take a look.


1. Laughing Buddha Sitting With Kids

There is an idol of him where he is shown sitting with kids. This form of Laughing Buddha is considered auspicious for those people who want to be blessed with a baby soon. Those facing problems related to childbirth or who are not able to conceive should keep this form of Buddha in their house.


2. Buddha In A Resting Position

Those who are not able to achieve success despite putting in lots of efforts should go for a Laughing Buddha which is shown lying down and taking rest. This will bring good luck and success to the housemates.


3. Laughing Buddha With A Bag Of Treasures

Those going through financial issues or facing problems should keep such a Laughing Buddha in their house. Apart from keeping such an idol in the house, you should also keep one in the office as well. Doing this will help fight off all the financial problems.


4. Laughing Buddha In A Meditating Position

Those facing mental problems such as stress, anxiety, nightmares, etc. should keep this form of Laughing Buddha in their house. It helps gain mental peace and calm.


5. A Laughing Buddha With Both Hands Raised

If you have not been able to achieve success in business since long and despite best efforts and sufficient hard work, you can go for a Laughing Buddha with both the hands raised. This form of laughing Buddha helps us progress and achieve success. You can keep this statue in the office as well as at home.


6. Laughing Buddha Holding A Fan And A Bottle Gourd

Such a statue of Laughing Buddha should be considered by those who are going through issues related to health. Apart from good health this also helps to get good luck in life.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 17:35 [IST]
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